Best Websites to look for a Job in Chile

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Best websites to look for a job

Best websites to look for a job, If you want to find a vacancy for yourself, we recommend that you visit these pages to look for a job in Chile where you will find a wide variety of offers in which you can send your application.

Each web page has different options for its users, in addition, there are companies that you will find in some sites and that you will not find in others. The indicated offer will appear the more options you have to search for it. For this reason, we have gathered in this article the best pages to find a job in Chile.

Best websites to look for a job

Finding the perfect job is possible, and the time it takes will depend on knowing how to look in the right places. For this reason, we suggest these pages that contain the best job offers in Chile.

1. Indeed Chile

One of the most visited options, it has more than 200 million visits in the world and, in Chile, it is one of the favorites. On Indeed, you can find hundreds of new jobs every day. This site has the option of creating your resume online using an internal tool offered by this page. Thanks to this, recruiters will be able to access your CV without the need for you to send anything or attach files. You will find work in all the cities of Chile: Santiago de Chile , Puente Alto , Antofagasta , Viña del Mar , San Bernardo, Valparaíso …

The use of this online job search engine is free and has an unlimited number of searches.

2. National Employment Exchange

This official website of the Chilean government puts at your disposal all kinds of job offers. It is quite complete compared to other private sites. You can register as a worker looking for a job but also as a company that offers vacancies to Chilean professionals.

One of the best options that this page has and that you will appreciate a lot is job orientation

3. Job speed

This employment portal has an alert for new searches so that they appear in your email. This can be very useful if you want to take a break and let the search engine take care of filtering the best options for you. There are offers of all kinds, with or without experience and professional practices.

It is divided by zones of the country, Las Condes , Valparaíso , Santiago or wherever you are you will find offers for you.

4. Computrabajo

In this job search engine you can find more than 2000 companies with interesting offers for you. It has the option to search for jobs by location, by professional position and, in addition, you can check in the “salaries” menu, the approximate salary that a professional like you should earn. It has a presence in 19 Latin American countries, so if you are looking for a job in a neighboring country or on the continent, you will also have access to those searches.

5. Labors

This job search page has different options. In addition to having a catalog of available vacancies, it has a section to boost your career. In this section, you will find a Personality Test through which you will be able to know what your strengths are so that, in this way, you can include them in your Curriculum Vitae .

Another of the tools that Laborum has is the possibility of recording a presentation video so that you can tell the recruiters some elements that your CV does not contain.

6. Publipega

This job seeker specializes in Advertising, Marketing and Technology. It has a list of agencies where you can work as well as the vacancies in general. In the job search filters, you can choose between full-time, part-time, remote, full-time or project options.

It also offers a blog where you can find articles that help you in the world of work, for example how to calculate your fee bill.

7. Takes consent

This employment portal is not only a site where you can get a job, it is a page where all the work is carried out to improve society in some way, to help create a better world for all and everyone.

This site connects its users with organizations and entrepreneurs who have the purpose of helping. If you have a profile that seeks to develop your talent in a positive social impact, this is the right place for you to find work.

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