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what is an educational curriculum
Find out what the educational curriculum is, what it is used for and how you can create it.

In Spain there are laws that regulate the content that must be presented in schools or educational institutions, this is known as the education curriculum. But what is the educational curriculum? What is an education curriculum used for?

In order for students to finish the academic courses sufficiently prepared, the educational curriculum is used to mark the bases of each of the subjects, as well as the objectives that must be met with the students.

What is an educational curriculum

To understand the definition of educational curriculum, we can say that it is the tool used by teachers to establish study plans, evaluation criteria and methodologies and everything related to the procedure for teaching.

This theoretical document that is applied in a practical way collects the relevant elements of the theory to apply them to the teaching that is proposed in each study according to their needs.


The curriculum can be understood as an instrument to detail the contents to follow in practice during each teaching and thus be able to determine the educational training that, in a mandatory way, must be guaranteed to all students without exception of any kind.

What is an educational curriculum for?

The educational curriculum is used for the management of teaching tasks in the Spanish educational system, it is a mechanism that allows education to be homogenized so that all students have the same level of preparation and there are no differences that may affect opportunities for their future.

It is important to take care of the structure of the educational curriculum so that teaching methods are not opposed. The most important thing is always to keep in mind the needs of the students and, in this way, create simple, but at the same time complete, educational structures.

What elements should the educational curriculum contain?

  • Objectives of teaching and the educational stage. All the information related to what the students will learn during the course. The actions planned in the classroom will be developed.
  • Competences and contents. All the information and knowledge that will be known in the subjects, for example, the thematic units. The skills and competencies that will be acquired during the course.
  • Teaching methodology. Contain a strategic reference for imparting the knowledge that students must learn to achieve the objectives.
  • Standards and learning outcomes that are assessable. Verify in the student everything learned during teaching.
  • Evaluation criteria. Quantifiable methods to diagnose the parameter of what students have learned.

Sample Educational Resume

Sample Educational Resume
Sample Educational Resume

To make the educational curriculum, it is important to know what the teaching method to be used will be, how the evaluations will be and the interaction with the educational group. In addition, it is important that the teacher exposes their ideas and what their educational intentions are specifically.

There are more effective instruments than others, therefore, the chosen techniques may vary. The objectives of the educational curriculum will depend on the stage of education, for example, in Primary they can include these sections:

  • Design models that allow students to develop personally.
  • Provide them with the necessary knowledge so that their social development is complete.
  • Pay special attention to each student, look for their aptitudes so that they can develop them in the best way.
  • Show students time management through disciplinary processes.
  • Encourage teamwork to create habits of cooperation among students.
  • Impart values ​​for ethics.
  • Create bonds of solidarity among students.

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