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Today, the Curriculum Vitae Word is one of the most commonly used formats. Thanks to the knowledge that many people have about this program, this is an easy format to create. However, what many do not know is that creating a CV in PDF format also has many advantages.

So is it better to have my syllabus in Word or in PDF format? In what format should I send my resume? Know all the pros and cons that will help you decide between creating a resume in Word or PDF format.

We hope that through this article you will understand how important it is to have a CV in PDF format as well. All advantages and simplifications that a CV in Word or PDF format can offer you can be found here.

1. Shipping weight on a Curriculum Vitae

A Curriculum in Word format will weigh twice as much as a CV in PDF format . Therefore, if you want to send your CV by e-mail or want to upload it on a website, it will be more complicated if you have a Curriculum in Word . Otherwise, if you use a Curriculum in PDF format , it will be much less heavy and easier to send.

Think about optimizing the quality and size of the image of your photo, in this way you will be able to reduce the weight of your file.

2. The compatibility of the curriculum in Word vs. PDF

If your Curriculum Vitae is going to be sent to several recruiters who have a PC or a Mac (Apple), it is important that your CV can be displayed correctly, when it is opened, regardless of the reference of the computer.

First of all it is important to know that Word has many different versions such as: .doc ( Word 97/2003 format ) and .docx ( current Word format ). However, many people still use the 97/2003 version of Word, so it is best to save your CV in doc format , in order to avoid compatibility problems.

On the other hand, it is important to know that the PDF format does not have any of these problems. In other words, your PDF Curriculum can be opened from a Mac as well as from a PC without any problem. It will be compatible with all versions of computers, and even mobile devices.

3. The security of your document

Another advantage for the CV in PDF format is that nobody can modify it. Conversely, Resumes in Word format can be modified and saved again by someone else. This may create some misunderstanding of your information, or the theft of your personal information.

4. Recruiters preference between a Word or PDF resume

Although the PDF has its advantages, recruiters are still used to receiving Curriculum Vitae in Word formats. The Word format remains more popular and more used by recruiters.

5. Reading the Curriculum in computer systems (ATS)

Some companies ask you to upload your Curriculum Vitae directly through their website. In this case, these companies most of the time ask for the CV in Word format and not in PDF. This is because the content of a Word document can be read by the ATS ( Applicant Tracking System ) computer system, unlike a PDF document.

However, many recruiters are not yet ready for a PDF CV and will prefer a Word CV. Therefore, we recommend having your Curriculum Vitae in both formats.

In this way, you can send the recruiter the two versions of your Curriculum by email so that he can choose according to his preference. This will show your professionalism in your work. A positive point!

Remember that the new version of Word offers the possibility of saving your CV in different Word formats, do not forget to choose the Word 97/2003 or PDF format. So you won’t have a compatibility problem with your file.