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Curriculum Vitae tips that can help

Improving the resume is important to keep it up to date with day-to-day trends. It is about incorporating all the new tips and advice in your Curriculum Vitae to present yourself in vacancies as a professional with an innovative and cutting-edge profile. In addition, the main benefit will be that you will get more job interviews.

There are different ways to improve your resume . We have prepared the following steps for you to modify your resume in the most professional way and increase your chances of finding the best job.

Curriculum Vitae tip to improve the resume

Follow these tips step by step and your Curriculum Vitae will be ready for you to present the best candidates and the recruiters will contact you before the rest of the competitors. You can also improve your resume if you do not have work experience , it is a matter of knowing these tips to improve your resume .

1. Perfect your professional profile

The professional profile is the main section of the Curriculum Vitae and it is where you must synthesize your skills, goals and transcendent achievements in previous jobs. This way recruiters can get a quick idea of your profile.

Place this section at the beginning of your resume to speed up the reading process. A recruiter has been known to spend 3-5 seconds reviewing a resume and, based on what they find, decide whether to continue or stop reading.

Your professional profile should capture their attention and invite them to continue reading.

That is why your professional profile must have:

  • Career goals
  • A paragraph of no more than five sentences.
  • Skills and keywords.

2. Make sure your Curriculum Vitae does not exceed 2 pages

Although you may have many years of work experience, you should do your best to summarize what is important in no more than 2 pages . It is recommended that everything be on a single page, however, we know that this is always possible, but try it.

Remember that many times “less is more”. Make sure your resume lists the most important tasks you did at your old jobs, as well as the goals you accomplished.

3. Create different personalized resumes for each vacancy

One of the most successful ways to modify your resume is to make an exclusive document for each vacancy. According to the requirements of each vacancy, you must edit your resume to present it with the keywords that are requested .

Your skills must also be modified. Even your photo, do not hesitate to use photographs that are consistent with the profile that each position seeks. This tip is one of the main ones that you should follow.

There are different online CV creators, we recommend CVcrea , an online resume generator that allows you to make several resumes in your account and edit them as many times as you need.

There are different online CV creators , we recommend CVcrea , an online resume generator that allows you to make several resumes in your account and edit them as many times as you need.

4. Add the main tasks and achievements in your professional history

In order for recruiters or people who read your resume to know what you have been capable of in your previous jobs, it is important that you describe the most important tasks, achievements and goals that you have developed .

Try to include in these descriptions keywords that are related to the requirements of the vacancy. Add figures or data that can be verified or include them in your portfolio or cover letter.

5. Substitute references for more work experience

Many times we have to save space and we don’t know what to remove from the resume. We recommend that, if you have a lot of work experience, you focus on including as much as you can about it. If you need more space, you could omit professional references from your resume . The reason is that, if they are interested in you, after or during the interview, future employers could ask you for references to make sure that everything is right with your profile.

References are not essential information that must be known from the beginning , they can be shared throughout the recruitment process. Save space, tell more about yourself and your skills.

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6. Reduce very long paragraphs to improve the resume

Remember that recruiters don’t have a lot of time to read your resume. Save them time and synthesize your information for greater impact . If you have very long paragraphs or sections with many words, try to reduce it as much as possible. Skip the very long sentences, it is not about writing a novel, but about saving space and having clarity and precision.

7. Add courses, certifications and new knowledge

Every professional must look for ways to continually grow and learn more. To achieve this, it is important that you sign up for conferences, courses to improve your resume , certifications and all kinds of professional activities with curricular value. Whenever you have new knowledge, add it to your resume.

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