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examples of a headline for a resume

Resume headlines are similar to marketing headlines and, surprisingly, they have a lot in common. First, they must be attractive, clickable, and thought-provoking.

Shed Your Job Search Problems For Lifetime

How does that sound to you? Fascinating. Yes, because it focuses on a job seeker’s pain points and their unfulfilled desire not to get hired.

The headline above is a nod to the famous book Bad Headlines That Make You Rich by world-leading writing coach David Garfinkel.

However, this is just an example of a catchy headline and we will not include it on a resume. A resume title is different. We’ll show you what a resume headline is with an extensive list of resume headline examples.

Typical are a resume headline and a resume title. There is no difference. Both are brief written comments on the Professional Summary section.

Resume Headline Examples

  1. Reliable software engineer with 10+ years of industry experience.
  2. Rousing android apps developer with 7+ years in app development.
  3. Front-end developer influential in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  4. A car salesman who responsibly makes intelligent automotive sales.
  5. Retail sales associates trained to fulfill monthly sales targets.
  6. A sales representative, decisive in negotiating sales contracts.
  7. Accountable telemarketer with 3 years of experience.
  8. Determined marketing specialist with deep skills.
  9. Inspiring marketing executive specialized in branding.
  10. Finance officer disciplined in financial analysis.
  11. Accounting professional proactive in real estate accounts.
  12. Public accountant, trustworthy with accounts and taxation.
  13. Honest and detail-oriented administrative assistant.
  14. Admin clerk well-versed in the modern filing system.
  15. Meticulous hotel manager providing exceptional customer service.
  16. Ardent catering chef with 8+ years of experience in food services.
  17. Industrious sous chef with productive work capabilities.
  18. Devoted restaurant manager to achieving yearly revenue growth.
  19. An earnest industrial mechanic, efficient in diagnostics and repairs.
  20. A certified sound technician with experience in digital audio workstations.
  21. Maintenance technician with a focused and efficient approach.
  22. NBCOT-certified & experienced orthopedic technician.
  23. Diligent pharmacist with a certified medical background.
  24. Dental receptionist proficiently assisting dentists.
  25. Robotics engineer delivering sophisticated production solutions.
  26. Aeronautical engineer with an edge in aircraft design and innovation.
  27. Cutting-edge data engineer in database design and administration.
  28. Architectural assistant specializing in structural architecture.
  29. Corporate event promotion specialist with 7 years of experience.
  30. Visionary voice actor, 280 films, and 28 voice-over profiles.
  31. Enthusiastic caregiver working with diverse patient populations.
  32. Dynamic public health worker experience in research and patient care.
  33. Energetic community volunteer experience in social work.
  34. Creative golf instructor with 7 years of experience teaching golfers.
  35. Groundbreaking soccer player with 6+ years of on-field experience.
  36. Basketball coach revolutionizing sports program and mentorship.
  37. A qualified ambulance driver with a clean driving record.
  38. Well-informed logistics assistant offering a productive workspace.
  39. Business development professional who guarantees revenue growth.
  40. Apprentice mechanic thorough in vehicle systems and tools.
  41. Determined academic advisor delivering value-added counsel.
  42. Personable sales representative with an unmatched sales record in FMCG.
  43. Dynamic office assistant having 8+ years of experience in the retail industry.
  44. Expert software engineer proficient in locating faulty codes.
  45. Graphic designer with a creative edge to develop social media content.
  46. Data-driven project manager with supply chain project management expertise.
  47. Bilingual content writer having 4000+ online article published to date.

Alright then now you know what is a resume headline. The resume headline examples above are conspicuous, quirky, and easily memorable.

The hiring department would internally communicate using keywords or phrases from your resume headline like – hey joe, can you email the resume of that ambulance driver with a clean driving record? Do you want that to happen with your resume? Should the hiring manager remember you? Then continue reading this post because there’s a lot more ahead.

Make your resume in no time using our resume builder. Simply fill in the details and it’s done. Take the help of a ready-to-use resume template. If this is your first attempt at making a resume then refer to our resume examples.

Back to resume headline, how to write one for your resume? Before we get into the nitty-gritty of writing a good resume headline we need to discuss – Why do we require a resume headline in the first place?

Why is a Resume Headline Important?

A resume headline is the title of the resume and it attracts the hiring manager’s attention. Not only draws the attention but also persuades the employer to read further. There are a lot of details in your resume and you have put a ton of effort and energy to write all of them.

Do you want the employer to put away your resume without looking into it? Definitely no. This is the reason why we should write the best resume headline.

Examples of a Headline on a Resume

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