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Formal Letter Structure

Formal Letter Structure. In labor matters, it will often be necessary to write a letter that officially reports the situation one is facing. On repeated occasions it happens that the beginning and the body of a letter is written with some ease because the facts and reasons that lead to its creation are known in advance. For this reason, for some it becomes difficult to finish the correspondence with a memorable message that is up to the rest of the text.

On the other hand, the farewell example of a letter can be in different ways and these depend on the type of letter that is being written.

How to say goodbye in a letter?

If you are preparing a simple farewell letter, where the farewell will only be necessary through a short and precise statement, then you can go to the following examples of farewells in formal letters :

Receive a cordial greeting from me,
Name, Surname

Without more to add,
Best regards.

Without another task,
A fraternal hug.

Thanking every detail,

Thank you for everything,
Best regards.

I reiterate my thanks,
An affectionate greeting.

Farewell Examples in a Formal Letter

Below is a list of farewell examples for a formal letter according to the most common types of letters. Choose the farewell phrases you need.

Closing letter example


I hope to meet the requirements set out in the vacancy. If you need additional information regarding my candidacy, do not hesitate to contact me. Waiting for a satisfactory answer.

Say goodbye very cordially,

[name and surname].


I’m sure I have all the talent for the job. I hope they call me soon to give me good news. Anything let me know, greetings.

Farewell example for a job recommendation letter


I can safely say that [name of candidate] is the ideal candidate to carry out any mission that is required by the company. I am at your disposal if another reference is required.

Receive a cordial greeting from me,

[name and surname].


I am sure that [name of candidate] is the candidate you need for your company. They would be making a serious mistake if they did not hire him. If you need more information about him, I will be attentive to the call. Greetings.

Farewell sample for a Voluntary Resignation letter


It only remains to be grateful for everything learned and for the experiences lived in a formidable work environment.

With no other commitment, a fraternal greeting,

[name and surname]


I leave with a very bad taste of the company because I had a great time here. I hope we meet again. I have nothing more to add. Hugs.

Farewell example for a farewell letter


It only remains to wish the most sincere success to each and every one of you. May this adventure be beneficial in all areas of your lives. I look forward to hearing from all of you (you) soon.

A warm hug,

[name and surname].


I wish you the best of luck, guys, for this experience delivered. I hope they have a good time wherever they are. Hopefully we’ll see each other soon. I don’t go on any longer.


Example of dismissal for a dismissal letter


I wish you the best of luck in life and at work. If conditions allow it, our doors will be open for a new opportunity in the future.

Thank you very much for everything, say goodbye carefully,

[name and surname].


I hope you can find another job soon. If, just in case, the company works again as we want, it is possible that we will call you so that you can return to us. Thanks.

Farewell Example for a Thank You Letter


Finally, I can only thank you for all the time dedicated to my professional training, which I am sure will help me throughout my professional future. For no other reason and wishing you a good week.

Farewell with appreciation,

[name and surname].


To finish I just want to say thank you for everything you did for me, and for helping me so much. I hope this will help me for the following works. Nothing more to add, I wish you a good day.

Farewell Examples of an Informal Letter

Not all employment matter letters can have an informal tone. A letter of resignation or a letter of dismissal must always maintain the formal and solemn character that the situation requires. However, there are other work circumstances where there is the freedom of writing with an informal tone and even creative forms in some cases. Let’s see some informal farewell phrases :

Farewell Example for an Informal Thank You Letter


I wouldn’t want to leave without first thanking the entire team here, whom I can already consider true friends. Once again, I will not forget everything that has been given to me during this time. I reiterate my support and availability for anything you need.

A hug to everyone,

[name and surname].


Kids, I hope we see each other soon and again, thank you very much for everything. I have saved inside everything they did for me and that is appreciated.

Hugs for all…

Farewell sample for an informal farewell letter


As I said before, it’s time to abandon this big ship called [company name]. I hope to meet all the brave crew in other waters of progress. From a distance, I have no doubt that the bonds created will remain firm.

A tight hug to each one,

[name and surname].


It’s already clear that I have to go. As you know, I’m leaving this workplace with great regret, but I’m sure we’ll keep in touch via chat. Although we are in different places, we will continue to be partners.

Do not forget that these examples can be interchanged and adapted to the personal reality of each one. For example, the farewell message for coworkers can also be adapted to the thank you letter and vice versa. Try different ways!

How to say goodbye in a formal letter in English

Formal Letter Structure
Formal Letter Structure

Here is an example of how to say goodbye in a letter in English . We have developed a generic example that is perfectly applicable to any applicable work situation .

Examples of how to say goodbye in a formal letter in English

As you know well, I am willing to provide any other further information required if necessary.
Sincerely, [full name].

You know that I can be contacted to the address given at the beginning of this letter. Nothing further to add.
Regards, [full name].

Once again, thank you for all the time you have given to me in this job training. Looking forward to any future opportunities.
Best wishes, [full name].

Tips for writing goodbyes to a letter

  • For the formal letter it will always be necessary to appeal to a “you” or “you”.
  • The informal letter grants the freedom to be more emotional when expressing ideas. Of course, avoid falling into clichés and set phrases.
  • Try to find creative ways . Feel free to include a postscript if it’s an informal letter.
  • The farewell should be a final and separate paragraph.
  • Make sure that the letter is not loaded with negative or positive emotions depending on the model.
  • Choose a farewell model in a letter that complies with the structure of an official letter.
  • Try brainstorming on a piece of paper. Once you have chosen your best example, transfer your farewell text to the computer.

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