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Find out below what hard skills are and the importance of this type of hard skills to include in your Curriculum Vitae. ✓ Examples of the hard skills most in demand by companies in 2022

Hard skills , or also the so-called hard skills , have acquired exponential importance in the labor market around the world. This, because many of them are closely related to the applied use of technology, a key element for the optimal development of companies, startups, institutions, and ultimately, for any activity that serves as a motor for the economy.

Nowadays, digital knowledge has been crowned as the most requested area in jobs of the most diverse kinds. This, due to the rise of online commerce and the rapid digitization that came after the pandemic. On the other hand, the acquisition of technical and technological knowledge serves to boost the career of a professional who would like to complement different disciplines or change sectors.

Therefore, if you are thinking of updating your resume , here is everything you need to know about hard skills.

what are hard skills


Hard skills correspond to all those qualities of a technical nature that a person is capable of executing .

Hard skills are about disciplines and knowledge that are learned through specific methods or procedures for their proper development. It is usual to work on this type of skills through low or high complexity technological tools, as well as through the human body itself and its cognitive functions.

Examples of hard skills

The examples of hard skills can be very varied and will depend on the area of ​​​​professional specialization. However, we have prepared a list of the 10 hard skills most in demand by companies during the last year.

1. Cloud computing

Working remotely has become normal for many people in recent years. Cloud computing is ideal for those who only need a good internet connection to be able to work. Cloud computing and its good management mainly allow people and companies to optimize working time .

If you are thinking of specializing with the google pack, whether managing calendars, creating google doc files, or another related activity, this is a great opportunity to do it.

2. Languages

Language skills will always be highly valued by a company. Speaking a second, third or however many languages ​​you can is one of the most important hard skills to include on a resume.

Although there are specific professions for the development of these skills, such as teaching in English or translation, for example, it will also be necessary if you are interested in finding a job in customer service or any other profession linked to the area of ​​marketing, communication or communications. letters.

3. Data analysis and visualization

Every day, millions of pieces of data are processed globally. Companies need professionals capable of perfectly managing all the data generated by software and complex codes.

On the other hand, data visualization is about creating graphs and dashboards whose purpose is to simplify and show all that data in the most visual way possible. This will allow companies to organize and analyze data and information in order to make important decisions .

4. SEO content writing

The web pages of companies, businesses and institutions constantly need to be updated to mark their presence on the web. People with copywriting skills have found fertile ground in writing blog articles and also developing copywriting skills .

But it’s not just about writing. In order for the content to position itself correctly and establish a presence in the digital universe, it will be necessary to apply a series of tactics so that users can find the content more quickly. These tactics are known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is widely required by public and private institutions that need to protect themselves from virtual attacks , such as scams or extortion. Computer specialists in this area must work on the advanced use of antivirus, find security solutions for emails, create and solve encrypted codes, among other tasks.

6. Design tools

Technology has made designers develop their full technical and creative potential through specialized programs. Photo editing, logo creation and various content are positioned as the hard skills most required by companies. Some design tools have become popular for their ease of use, like canva, for example.

Similarly, if you are thinking of specializing in more complex software , you can use photoshop, adobe illustrator, among others.

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The blockchain is a method in which business models, banks or other institutions optimize their transaction processes through a chain of blocks that eliminates any type of intermediary.

To give an example, the blockchain is that process that we do not see when making a bank transaction. But as invisible and automated as this field may seem to us, there are professionals in charge of managing and executing this network of systems.  

People who are dedicated to this specialty are usually those who studied something related to computing, although there are currently also specialized postgraduate studies in blockchain.

8. Online sales

Electronic commerce is already part of our lives and the number of people who dare to set up their own online companies is growing. And it is that gone are the days when putting together a web page seemed to be a cumbersome and difficult mission to execute. 

The use of software such as shopify, wordpress or wix are available to everyone, although it is recommended that you take a study to develop these skills if you are a person who has never been up to date with this type of technology.

9. Video creation and editing

With the rise of social networks, more and more people dare to create their own videos. On the one hand, there are those who develop their own creations through easy-to-use tools, such as canva or tik tok.

There are also those who use more professional tools such as final cut or adobe premiere. The creation and editing of videos is an excellent alternative for those who wish to work in audiovisual production companies or advertising and marketing agencies.

10. Medical technology

Not everything is based on technology related to the web or computers. Medical technology has always been required for the well-being of people’s health and its correct use is essential to improve the quality of life of patients.

Although it is necessary to go through a university degree to develop these types of skills, it is an excellent option if you are thinking of applying your tastes in a field of study to technology.

Types of hard skills
Types of hard skills

Types of hard skills

Below is a list of the most common types of hard skills . It should be noted that this is not a definitive list, since there are as many types of hard skills as there are jobs in the world. The important thing is that you identify what your own abilities are.

  • Technological in nature . They can be tools and knowledge related to web and computer development. Currently they are the hard skills that are most in demand by companies.
  • Manual character . They are self-made technical knowledge. They can be related to decoration, carpentry, technical drawing, among others.
  • Of a linguistic nature . It can be the handling of more than one language, an excellent oratorical capacity, literary writing, journalistic, among others.
  • Of a physical nature . This type of hard skill can be about mastery of a sport or certain skills and knowledge in physical conditioning techniques.
  • Of an artistic nature . Here we can find hard skills related to painting technique, dance technique, handling and command of a musical instrument, among others.
  • Culinary in nature . Knowledge related to cooking or baking, as well as the use and management of kitchen utensils and tools.

You can visit our section of resume by professions . There you will find useful tips to make a Curriculum Vitae according to your area of ​​specialty.

Difference Between Hard and Soft Skills

Difference Between Hard and Soft Skills
Difference Between Hard and Soft Skills

The difference between hard skills and soft skills is very easy to identify. While the former deal with technical aspects regarding tools and knowledge that we know how to put into practice, the latter refer to the qualities that an individual naturally possesses.

Both are perfectly compatible with each other . For example, if a person has creative and analytical talent to develop something, then they have a soft skill, then if that person learns to handle highly complex design tools such as after effects, then that person will be developing a hard skill.

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Advantages of hard skills

The advantages of hard skills are varied. The importance of these will depend on the professional aspirations of each individual. Below we detail some of the most significant advantages of hard skills.

  • You can opt for a technical study or career . This is an excellent option if you don’t want to spend a lot of time studying for a university degree.
  • Quick job exit because they are highly demanded skills by companies in the technology area.
  • Specialization opportunities . With the revitalization of the current labor market due to the technological boom, you will be able to specialize in different branches of this knowledge, especially if your job position so requires.
  • Low labor competition . Despite the fact that more and more people decide to venture into the development of hard skills related to technology management, competition is still low compared to market demand.
  • Telework . Some find it practical and convenient to work from home, whether it’s every day or just a couple of weeks. With the computer and the internet it will be enough to fulfill this comfort.
  • Digital nomad . For many, teleworking does not only mean doing it from home. More and more people are working remotely, either because they have their own business or because their specialty allows them to.
  • Mix of creativity and technology . This is an excellent advantage if your profession or work area requires the application of the sensitive and the technical.

Hard Skills FAQ

How to put hard skills on resume?

To put the hard skills in the Curriculum Vitae , you will need to choose a Curriculum Vitae example that contains the Skills section . You should know that you should not explicitly put hard skills. Just the word skills is enough.

However, hard skills are often written in a section called Programs or Softwares . There you will be able to name the technological tools that you know how to use and the respective level of knowledge that you have regarding them.

What are the most common hard skills for a resume?

Here is a list of the most common hard skills to include in the Curriculum Vitae :

  • Web development
  • Analysis of data
  • Languages
  • Drafting
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Team management and organization
  • Audiovisual technicians
  • Installation and repair of electrical installations
  • construction techniques

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