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There is a lot of talk lately about the hidden curriculum among people looking to deepen their knowledge regarding formal education or among those who want to know what exactly it refers to.

In this article you will learn what the hidden resume is , as well as how and when to use it for your Curriculum Vitae.

What is the hidden curriculum

It is a type of implicit teaching that does not appear in the formal record of the curriculum of an institution. They are unofficial lessons that provide the student with valuable tools , necessary to face their future both in work life and in interpersonal life.

The hidden curriculum involves a series of skills and aptitudes that are learned in the schooling stage.

In this same sense, the hidden curriculum influences the development of people’s future employment , especially because schools train their students to be an important labor and economic engine within society.

So, the hidden curriculum accounts for ideas and points of view related to the vision and values ​​of a pedagogical institution. Likewise, students internalize it in a natural way through their behavior with the environment.

When and how to take advantage of the hidden curriculum

When you graduate , whether from college or university, you should take a look back to identify and execute all those value elements acquired during teaching. Doing so will allow you to develop all those tools that were in the hidden curriculum and that you had surely overlooked. Ultimately, all this will lead to you developing as a citizen in the broadest sense of the word.

Hidden resume examples

The following are some of the most prominent social constructions that the hidden curriculum considers.

by gender

Students’ vision regarding the gender perspective and how they interact with their peers of the opposite or undefined gender.

Per class

How students mix according to different socioeconomic and sociocultural realities, and the awareness they have about it.

by authority

Teacher and student relationship. It can also be about the institutional figure as a determinant in the student’s attitude. For example, if the student challenges or questions it, on the one hand, or if he demonstrates obedience to the imposed regulations, on the other.

by behavior

Student conduct if, for example, he attends a Catholic school, where there is a moral burden that will possibly influence his future. Behavior of a more “liberal” nature if the student studies in a school specialized in free exams in case he dedicates most of his time to sports or art.

By race

How students perceive and interact with a new foreign student. Integration as a motor for personal development.

Aptitudes and abilities acquired from the
hidden curriculum

Aptitudes and abilities acquired from the
hidden curriculum
Aptitudes and abilities hidden

The hidden resume is a different concept from the Curriculum Vitae. It does not have a template, model or example in Word. However, both can perfectly complement each other.

The main idea is to be able to visualize all those abstract elements that the hidden curriculum grants and take them to the Curriculum Vitae that best fits your work profile.

The hidden curriculum involves a series of skills and abilities that are learned at the school stage and are not directly taught to students from a formal point of view. It is related to a wide value load and is an important impulse to enter the future working life.

  • care for the other
  • Leadership
  • multicultural vision
  • Fellowship
  • Creativity
  • Respect for the group environment
  • Respect for the opinion of third parties
  • Respect for the enviroment
  • capacity for feedback
  • Analytical capacity
  • self sufficiency

Being able to clarify all these elements in the hidden resume will help you know what to put when you have to write a resume without experience.

Learn more Resume Skills Example

The real formal curriculum is a concept familiar to the hidden curriculum and means putting into practice everything that is programmed in the curriculum of formal education. The skills and competencies, being practical and acquired, fit the definition of a formal curriculum.

Example of skills and competencies

  • Orthography
  • oral communication
  • Ability to exhibit in public
  • Elaboration of artistic pieces
  • Production of audiovisual pieces
  • Use of basic office automation
  • physical prowess
  • Event organization
  • Preparation of reports and guidelines

Technology Skills Example

Today, in the midst of the digital age, formal education is increasingly committed to the use of tools and software that allow students to develop in the technological field. These are some elements that will change the Curriculum Vitae of the future.


Students are capable of recreating realities in order to learn about patience, design and other branches that will nurture them with a solid technological base for their future work.


Here the student develops the ability to stimulate and reward through educational games.

Problem resolution

They are programs related to analytical thinking. Students develop strategic skills that allow them to solve problems that take them to another level of knowledge.


The student is focused on carrying out activities that follow certain guidelines to reach a specific objective. This objective is usually related to the learning itself and the method used.

exercise practices

They are exercise programs that educate the student. It can be repeated as many times as necessary so that the student can get the answers right and thus move on to other levels of learning. Languages ​​often fall into this category.

Tip: if you are a teacher and you attend a job interview, specializing in knowledge of the hidden curriculum in formal education will be a plus that you should take into account.

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What a hidden resume is not

There is a tendency to believe that the hidden resume refers to a Curriculum Vitae that has certain characteristics when applying for a job. Some of the things that are usually believed and are NOT correct , are:

  • Curriculum Vitae without photograph.
  • Curriculum Vitae sent through “unknown” platforms.
  • Curriculum Vitae for jobs such as mystery shopper or
    private detective.
  • Curriculum Vitae hidden by the company or institution to which you are applying.

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