Hobbies for Curriculum Vitae

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Hobbies for Curriculum Vitae
Hobbies for Curriculum Vitae
Hobbies for Curriculum Vitae

+60 examples of hobbies to put on a Curriculum Vitae. Find out how to put interests on a CV. Choose the hobbies that are most related to your profile.

In addition to work experience and educational background, it is important to list your interests, hobbies, or hobbies on your resume. Including this section will allow you to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

In addition, mentioning your hobbies shows that for you, the only important thing is not work, but that you care about having a balanced life with different activities that are positive for your physical and mental health. It is also important that you show what you are passionate about in life to be a full human being.

Examples of hobbies or interests for the resume

To help you write the hobbies section of your CV, we have created a list of interests for you to include. We will present you the list classified according to the theme.

cultural interests

The interests or hobbies of people dedicated to the cultural sector are:

  • Read
  • Paint
  • Sculpt
  • Write stories
  • Write novels
  • To visit museums
  • Listen to music
  • attend concerts
  • Watch movies
  • Go to the movies
  • Visit art galleries

sports hobbies

If the job you are applying for has to do with the sports sector or you have excellent physical condition, these are some of the hobbies that you can include:

  • Belong to a sports team
  • be captain of a team
  • Arbitration
  • Presidency of a sports club
  • Member of a sports association
  • Yoga
  • marathon runner
  • Runner
  • Gym

creative interests

Within the artistic or media sector, the hobbies that may appear on your CV are:

  • Sing
  • Play a musical instrument
  • To compose music
  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Photography
  • Paint
  • Kitchen
  • Poetry
  • Writing
  • blogging
  • Tourism

Hobbies to show your open mind

If what you need is to show that you have an open mind, you can mention these types of interests or hobbies:

  • Performance
  • Read books in other languages
  • Watch movies in languages ​​you don’t know.
  • To travel
  • extreme sports
  • Gastronomic tourism

Interests of the social medical sector

Within the health and sociology sector, there must be professionals with sufficient physical and emotional strength to be able to perform their work optimally.

  • Playing sports
  • do meditation
  • Practise martial arts
  • Invest in NGOs
  • help animals
  • humanitarian trips
  • Participation in discussion groups

interests in english

If you need to write your CV in English and put a list of centers of interest in English, here are the best examples:

  • Travel
  • Theater
  • Sports (soccer, football, tennis, baseball, swimming)
  • Books
  • Visit museums
  • Art
  • Concerts
  • movies
  • Yoga

Professional interests

Some interests or hobbies are directly linked to your profession. In this case, it is important that you mention them in your CV to give your candidacy greater value:

  • Sports profession: sports
  • Cultural profession: cultural events.
  • Artistic profession: artistic events.
  • Environmental profession: pro-environmental activities.
  • Technological profession: activities that involve technology.

List of hobbies or interests that you should NOT put on your CV

Watch out! Not all your hobbies or interests are suitable to be part of your resume. There are activities that instead of benefiting your candidacy, will affect it. It all depends on the context of the vacancy.

For example, if you are going to apply as a bartender, it would not be advisable to say that you like parties and drink alcohol in your CV. Similarly, if you apply to work in a casino, do not say that you like gambling or betting.

✗ The hobbies that you should not include in your resume are:

  • Belong to political groups.
  • Activism
  • Activities linked to the propagation of a religion.
  • Gambling, alcohol, smoking, in general no vice.

Is it mandatory to include hobbies in the CV?

Including your list of interests or hobbies on your resume is not required.

However, this can be a positive trait in the eyes of the recruiter as a more complete profile can be built on you.

Show passion for what you do

Remember that it is very important that the recruiter sees that you have passion for your work. For example, if you are applying for a chef position, one of the hobbies or interests you can include is “passion for food.”

Make sure you have the skills mentioned

If one of your hobbies is playing the guitar and the vacancy is as a kindergarten teacher, your interest in the guitar must be true, because you can give the recruiter the idea that you will play this instrument when teaching your classes.

Pay special attention to creative hobbies, which are the ones that you could carry out in a job position.

In which part of your CV you should put your interests

How to put the interests to make a CV? The ideal thing for your hobbies to appear on your CV is to reserve the lower area. Being an important part, but not the main part of your resume, it is recommended that you close with this section.

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