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Submitting a resignation letter can be a tough job if you don’t plan ahead, and many times it’s even less easy to submit to the company or institution you’re about to leave. That is why we will tell you how make a resignation letter.

We know that a resignation can be the result of a sour moment if the terms have not been the best. On the other hand, the resignation or resignation of a job may be due to reasons exclusive to the worker, such as health issues, family matters, travel, continuation of studies, etc.

Whatever your case, the model of a resignation letter, being a formal and official document, must contain a structure, both in its form and in its substance, whose text will make the situation to be faced more pleasant. 

Because to end a working relationship, as in every area of ​​life, it will always be worth doing it with the right words.

How make a Resignation Letter basic structure

The text of the letter must follow the following structure:


The header of a job resignation letter contains the following basic elements:

  • Date and place
  • Recipient name or company
  • Affair


The two keywords for the initial greeting of a letter of a work nature will always be “esteemed” or “appreciated”.


The beginning is the first paragraph of the body text of your letter. In it you state your desire to leave your job . It is also appropriate to include personal data and, if appropriate, data relating to the company and the employer.


On August 4, 2022, I, Mariela Martínez with DNI Y-XXXXXXX-Y, write to my employer [employer name] through this document to submit my irrevocable resignation from the company [company name] with due notice legal.


I am writing this letter to present my final resignation. It is very difficult for me to get to this situation, but everything has become unsustainable, which is why I have been forced to make a drastic decision.


In the development of the letter, the reason(s) for the resignation is usually written. The reason for the resignation can be detailed, although other times it will only suffice to name them. This is a personal decision and will depend exclusively on whoever writes the document.

As a general rule, this paragraph should contain the most substantial part of the waiver in question, therefore, it is usually the most extensive. If the body of your letter exceeds 7 lines, it is recommended that you divide it into 2 paragraphs to facilitate reading.


The reasons that lead me to make this decision are based on issues that are directly related to events that occurred within the offices of this company and in which I have been directly affected. These unfortunate events are known to all those who were kind enough to support me, therefore, I will not refer to these causes in this letter.

I must also emphasize that this has not been decisive when deciding my resignation. For some time now, health problems have plagued me, making it increasingly difficult for me to meet the main objectives that the profession demands of me. That is why…


I’m leaving the company because I got tired of telling HR people to help me or do something to make another coworker stop bothering me. I also saw a lot of favoritism and I didn’t like that. I discussed it with my family and we reached an agreement that it is better to leave this job that is becoming toxic for me and my environment.


This paragraph must contain a thank you for the opportunity provided , what has been learned and the time dedicated if there was any type of training or training. It would also be necessary to thank for the help and understanding provided if you had any problem of any kind where the company or your superiors supported you.


Finally, I can only thank you for all the time invested in the training stipulated in due time. Also for all the support and understanding that the company had with me in difficult times.


Thank you for everything and everyone for everything you did for me. Me and my family will always be grateful, but the current situation with the company ruined all the effort of years and years.


In a short statement that does not exceed one line, a cordial farewell must be included.


  • Without further ado, say goodbye carefully…
  • I look forward to receiving this document, best regards…
  • For no other reason apart from the above, greetings…


  • I have nothing more to say, thank you and goodbye…
  • Thank you very much, regards.
  • warm hugs


It will be enough to put your name, surname and signature.

How to write a good resignation letter

If you decide to write a resignation letter on your own, you should know that there are necessary writing fundamentals to take into account and subsequently apply them. It is important that you follow the following parameters throughout the entire body of the text (beginning, middle, closing).


The tone of a resignation letter should ideally be polite and solemn . Remember that, due to its nature, a resignation letter must reflect a certain distance between sender and receiver, leaving aside all kinds of sentimentality or drama.


The reason for my resignation is due to causes beyond my control, of which I prefer to leave out the details. In any case, I remain with the bonds created and the human quality that I found in these offices.


I have been involved in dangerous situations and the most important thing at this time will be to take care of my mental health. Despite the ungrateful moment, I stay with those where my professional career was nurtured because that is the only thing that matters.


The style of a resignation letter should be formal . You should always appeal to a “you” or “you”. Use words of a cultured or semi-formal level, but make sure that they are not words so far-fetched that they are taken out of context. Remember that the important thing is to be precise about your willingness to leave your job.


It is necessary to mention my resignation from this company due to the need to continue with my unfinished studies. On the other hand, it only remains to add that the materials provided will be returned once the stipulated legal term is met.


It is imperative to specify my irrefutable resignation from the company due to matters related to unfinished professional training…

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The connectors will help you maintain the coherence and cohesion of your text. This means that both the words used and the general sense that they give to your writing are key foundations for optimal writing.

Try to use consequence connectors , as these will help justify the reasons for your resignation between one sentence and another. These can be: “therefore”, “consequently”, “because of that” etc. You will also need conclusion connectors that highlight your decision. These can be: “as a result”, “in conclusion”, “in a few words”, etc.


I want to express that the reason for my resignation is exclusively due to family matters, therefore, it is convenient to clarify that there is no force majeure reason that leads me to make this decision. In short, I want to spend more time with my family after specific events that have occurred.


The reason for my resignation is due to family issues. It has nothing to do with the company. I need to spend more time with them, a lot happened.

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