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Do you need to find a job fast and don’t know where to start looking? That is why we have prepared this complete guide for you so that you know how to find a job in less than you imagined. Forget applying to thousands of job offers every day without success.

Choose the ideal vacancy for you and create your application thanks to these tips to find a job quickly that we have for you.

This guide to finding a job in a short time will help you if you are looking to change jobs, if you want to find work without experience, if you are a student or recent graduate or if you are looking for a new direction for your professional life.

You may be worried about the low global employment rate, however, you should know that there is no impediment to obtaining the job you want if you have the right guide to search for it. Here we tell you how to find a job fast in 7 steps .

1. Define what kind of job you want

The first step is to be clear about what type of job you want to look for. Identify your skills , interests and, above all, what kind of work life you would like to have, what are your projections in two, five and ten years.

If it is your first job , it is important that you identify what is the sector of your career that you like the most and how you can enter it.

If you enter as an intern or intern, employers have a few months to review your work and decide if you’re a good fit to hire.

If what you want is to change jobs, define what position you want to continue your working life with, if you are looking for other types of responsibilities, apprenticeships, a higher salary, better benefits or better conditions in general. Once you have the answers, it’s just a matter of following the steps below.

2. Make a good resume

To look for a job, the first thing is to have a perfect resume. A good resume must have the following information to be complete.

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Contact information

You must include your full name, telephone number to have direct contact with you, your email and the city and/or country where you are. It is important that your data is updated so that recruiters interested in your profile can contact you.

Professional profile

The professional profile is the introductory paragraph in which you briefly show what your expertise is , your most important achievements, goals and outstanding data that will impact the recruiter at first reading.

Academic training

Indicate at least the last two degrees of study you have completed. You must put the name of the institution, the title or diploma of your studies and the years in which you did them: beginning and end.

Work experience

The information on the places where you have worked is the main section of your resume. You must indicate the name of the companies, the dates in which you worked, the name of your position or position and what were the tasks that you developed and the achievements that you obtained.

TIP: All the information on your resume must be in descending chronological order, that is, starting with the most recent activity.

Skills and competencies

Mention the skills that characterize you as a professional. We recommend that you find out what are the skills that recruiters look for in a profile like yours so that you can include them in your CV.


In an increasingly globalized world and with companies that hire you remotely, it is important to master more than one language. For this reason, your resume must have a language section in which you indicate which ones you speak and what level of command you have in each one.


References are very important when looking for a job, although this section is usually optional. If you decide to include it in your CV, try to make your references people with high-ranking jobs, someone of prestige or your most outstanding professors at the university in case you are a student or recent graduate.


To make your profile broader and show more of your personality, we suggest you include a section where your interests appear: exercise, sports, cooking, books, art, etc.

Social networks

Every day the digital world is more important, therefore, it includes social networks that have professional information. Do not include personal networks, your privacy must be respected in every company.

3. Search the best pages to find work

There are hundreds of pages and applications to look for work or to enter the world of work. We have created this list of the best pages to find a job and, in this way, to simplify your search time. Head over to these sites and start your search today:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • InfoJobs
  • Trovit Jobs
  • Monster

4. Search directly for the company page  

Many times companies publish within their own websites the vacancies that they have available.

If you are very interested in working specifically for a company, look for their website and, if you do not find job offers, look for their contact e-mails to write directly to them about your interest in working with them.

5. Network

Making your contact network is essential these days to get a job or to ascend to better job opportunities. To network, you usually attend conferences, courses, certifications and all kinds of work events where you can meet other people from the world of work and exchange ideas, opinions and, above all, contacts.

It is very important that you attend these events with a business card, in this way, they will have your information and will be able to contact you for future events and, at some point, you could ask these people for references or job opportunities.

You can also do digital networking on the LinkedIn platform. Join groups and add contacts from your contacts to expand your network little by little until you have a good number of people.

In the following link we tell you all the tips and examples of recommendations for LinkedIn, this will increase the value of your profile on the social network.

6. Find your contacts and ask for help

You have friends, relatives and acquaintances: look for them. One of the best options is to post a message on your social networks in which you explain that you are looking for a certain type of job and, in case someone has an offer or knows of a vacancy, to send you information.

We know that you don’t always want everyone to know that you are looking for a new job , so we also recommend that you contact the people you trust the most by private messages. Surely someone will help you.

7. Prepare for the job interview

It is essential that, once they have selected your Curriculum Vitae to interview you, you know exactly what to say, how to dress, what trick questions the recruiters will ask you and how you should answer. There are many types of job interviews, discover which one you will have and how to act.

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