How to get my first job

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How to get my first job

Entering the world of work is often overwhelming, but don’t worry. In this article you will find everything you need to how to get your first job successfully. Every day there are more professionals interested in being employed, so you must prepare enough to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Follow each of our tips, download our sample resume for a first job and get the job you deserve.

In addition, we will give you the most important points that you should know when looking for your first job , that way you will gain confidence in yourself and you will be able to achieve what you propose for your working life.

7 steps to get a first job

Next, we will give you a series of steps that you must follow to obtain your first job. Pay attention and get what you want.

1. Make a list of your ideal companies

Throughout your university studies you have realized which work area is the one that interests you the most to join as a professional, therefore, look for the companies that have positions of interest to you and create a list to know which ones you will send your job to. resume with no experience.

If a company of your interest is very large, go to its website to search directly for the vacancies that are available. Many times you can find a job offer in the company’s own online job board.

2. Write what your skills and strengths are

It is always important to do an exercise of honesty when you are about to look for a job and define what your skills and competencies are . If you have not yet identified what they are, we recommend asking yourself the following questions:

  • What subjects do I like the most?
  • In which do I have better grades?
  • What tasks do I usually perform in teamwork?
  • When my friends talk about me, what stand out the most on a professional level?
  • When my family talks about me, what job do they imagine me in?

3. Identify high-demand positions

When searching for your first job , you have an idea of ​​what job offer you want to find, however, there are not always vacancies available. Therefore, we recommend that you identify different profiles that exist within the sector that interests you so that, in this way, your options are expanded and you are not limited to the search for a single position or position.

4. Adapt your profile

Once you’ve done the steps above, review how you can tailor your resume to match what recruiters are looking for. It is important that you are honest and do not pretend to have knowledge that you will not be able to demonstrate later, as this mistake could cost you your job. However, the best thing you can do is adapt your profile to each job offer, that is, have more than one CV so that you can complement it with the keywords of the current vacancy.

5. Be realistic

Do not pretend to have a general manager job when you are just starting your working life. Remember that every worker starts at the beginning: in the right position for a first job. Throughout your working life you will acquire the necessary knowledge to move up in a position until you manage to be your own boss. 

6. Don’t get discouraged

Sometimes recruiters are so busy they can’t respond to all requests, but don’t be discouraged. In case you have not received a response in one of the vacancies of your interest, we recommend that you try again. Adding a cover letter could make a difference.

7. Call recruiters

Never underestimate the power of the word. If you are really interested or interested in a vacancy, do not limit yourself to just sending your resume, call the recruiters and let them know that you are the person they are looking for to fill the job.

Tips to get your first job

With these tips you can stand out from the rest of the candidates to occupy a job.

  1. Be yourself . In addition to your Curriculum Vitae , it is important to take into account that a cover letter arouses the interest of recruiters.
  2. Create a professional portfolio . In case you do not have a portfolio of your previous jobs, throughout your university career you will have created interesting jobs, make a sample of them and present them to recruiters.
  3. Use your creativity . To get the attention of the interviewers, you must make a difference from the rest. You could, for example, request a job interview and say that, if it is granted, you invite breakfast. It sounds intrepid, but it works to show up at the interview with a croissant and coffee.
  4. Help yourself from your friends. Ask all your friends if there are vacancies in their companies or if they know of a company that is looking for a professional with your characteristics. It sounds obvious, but many times we forget that friends could be the solution to our job search.

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