How to make a Curriculum Vitae on the cell phone or mobile in 2023

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How to make a Curriculum Vitae

Discover step by step how to make your Word resume on your cell phone in 2022. All the tips you need to know to create your CV from anywhere. Don’t wait until you have a computer, create your free resume on your smartphone and submit your application as soon as possible!

If you are in Spain or Latin America, making a Curriculum Vitae on your cell phone or mobile is not always an easy task. Things get difficult when, for some reason, you need to create a document, like a CV, for example, and you don’t have a desktop computer. However, thanks to smartphones, being able to do so is at your fingertips!

Read this post to the end and learn how to create a resume from your cell phone in 2022.

With the rise of digital, today it is easy and fast to find and create almost everything we imagine from the cell phone. And, of course, the essential documents for our daily lives are no exception.

If you need to make a resume with your cell phone or mobile, we recommend 2 practical and simple methods to do it.

1. Create a resume from the cell phone through a web platform

The first way to make a Curriculum Vitae from the mobile is through a web platform. For that, we recommend CVcrea.

CVcrea is a tool whose intuitive and interactive feature encourages the creation of the resume as best suits us.

Steps to make your resume on mobile through CVcrea

Follow these simple steps and create a quality resume:

  1. Go to CVcrea and register with your data.
  2. Explore and choose the template that you like the most .
  3. Create and edit the chosen format: You can move elements, change background colors, fonts, etc.
  4. Once finished, do not forget to review all the content of your resume.
  5. Download it quickly and easily in PDF .

2. Download a mobile resume template from our website

If you decide to continue exploring other varieties of resume or if you prefer a more “classic” method , you can also create your Curriculum Vitae from your cell phone or mobile directly through our Curriculum Models website . How? Downloading one of our ready-to -fill resume examples .

Steps to make the resume from the website

Then read carefully the step by step to create your Curriculum Vitae in Word from our website:

  1. Download Word for mobile or make sure you have Google .docs , whether you have Android (Samsung, Sony, Huawei, etc) or iOS (iphone).
  2. Choose the resume model that you like the most and that is most similar to your work profile.
  3. In the “ Download ” cell , you will see: “For recent Word versions” and “For Word 97 -2003 versions”, you can choose any option, since there is no problem with downloading from a cell phone or mobile.
  4. Once your file is downloaded, press “open” or go directly to the “downloads” folder ( in some cell phones it appears as “downloads” ).
  5. The resume will open in a .doc file , this means that it can be opened in Word for mobile or in google .docs
  6. Edit and fill the file with your data.
  7. Go to the three vertical points on the upper right side of your cell phone.
  8. Choose the “ Share and Export ” option.
  9. Then choose the “Print” option.
  10. Make sure that the option “Save as PDF” appears at the top of your screen, if it does not appear, display the small date and select “ Save as PDF ”.
  11. Squeeze the blue rounded PDF icon.
  12. Your PDF will have been saved to your downloads.

How to send a resume from mobile

The moment of truth really comes when you have to email your resume to the job you want to apply for. After you have created your resume on the cell phone (mobile), you must complete this last step.

  1. Open your email or the employment platform where you are applying.
  2. If you are in your Gmail , Outlook or any other email, go to “Attach files”. In some employment platforms it appears with this name or, failing that, it may appear as “ Select ” “ Attach image ”, etc.
  3. Go to your downloads section. In many cell phones it appears as the first option, since it is the last file you have downloaded.
  4. Select it and that’s it, you can now send your Curriculum Vitae to companies made on your cell phone to all the job offers you want.

Do not forget to write an email well when applying to the job vacancy. Platforms like Gmail come with autocorrect included. Seize it!

Examples of written emails:
• Presentation Email for Work
• Presentation Email for Students

how to make curriculum vitae on the mobile

Tips for making a good resume

We know that making a mobile resume requires patience. Sometimes the job offer you want so much arrives and you don’t have the CV at hand or you don’t have one prepared especially for that position, either because you are enjoying a vacation or because you simply don’t have a desktop computer.

Follow these tips to make the perfect resume from your mobile:

  • Check the expiration date of the job offer well . It may give you time to wait a few days to make and/or send your CV through a desktop computer.
  • Check your inbox or your account on a job portal. You may have sent your resume on another occasion and now you just have to fill in your updated information.
  • If the two previous points are not feasible, then write on a piece of paper all the information you want to put on your resume.
  • Then select the most relevant information. Remember that it should always be based on your work profile.
  • Write that information as if it were the first draft of a template.
  • Once you have chosen the template that you like the most, proceed to edit and modify it with your information.
  • Check all the content well before sending your resume by cell phone . Having worked on it on a smaller device, you may have some writing errors.

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