How to make a CV without work experience (2022)

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How to make a CV without work experience 2022
How to make a CV without work experience (2022)
How to make a CV without work experience (2022)

Find out below how to make a resume if you don’t have work experience. Step by step to create your first CV. ✓ Curriculum Vitae templates without experience to download for free in Word format.

It is the classic loop: “How will I have experience if nobody gives me the first job? How to get a first job if I have no experience? How to make a Curriculum without experience?… All these questions arise when you have finished your high school studies at 18 years old or your university career at any other age. And yes, in many cases you do have some experience, even so, you feel that it is not enough to put it on your resume. So, what to do?

The most important thing is not to get discouraged. Read this post to the end and discover the best tips to make a good CV without work experience and that will multiply your chances of getting that first job in 2022.

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2. Look for experiences through your personal life

Think of all that knowledge that you have accumulated throughout your life, write it down on a sheet of paper and select those that help you fit into the requirement that the company has and that can be used to include in a Curriculum.

Travel is a great opportunity to learn informally. Include this type of data because most companies value those who travel.

Traveling can give the idea that you are a person with broad visions, flexible and prepared for challenges. If you mention that you traveled or learned a different language as a result of some personal experience, tell it as it has been. Inventing experiences to look good can end up playing against you.

Select well what you will put about your personal experiences. A long autobiographical text will have less chance of being read than a concise one.

3. Highlight your professional practices in your Curriculum

In case you are a recent university graduate, professional practices are very valuable for the Curriculum Vitae of someone without work experience.

Mentioning them in the context in which you have developed them will make your resume more truthful, therefore, the employer or recruiter will have more confidence in your profile when reviewing your CV.

In order for your resume with no experience to have quality content, it is important that you include the professional internships you have done. Follow these steps to include your internship on your resume:

  • Write the name of the company, company or organization in which you have developed your professional practices.

  • Indicate entry date and end date.

  • Mention the tasks that were assigned to you, what challenges you faced and how you solved them, all this must be brief and precise.

  • The most important thing is that you talk about your achievements, this way recruiters will have a way to check your abilities.

  • Ask for a letter of recommendation from your former practice tutor.
  • This will always be an important bonus point.

4. Competences obtained during your personal life

Whoever is competent in some field must verify that this competence is consistent. Sometimes the title doesn’t make the professional. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, none of them completed their university studies, but that did not stop them from showing what they were capable of.

If you post information that talks about your skills not acquired in institutions or not completed in a university, you should take into account that they could ask you to demonstrate it. Get ready to prove it.

Be sure to mention in your CV without or little experience, those skills that really enhance it and that are relevant. It is clear that you do not learn everything in an institute or university, but you must make sure that you have control over what you point out.

Some hard-earned training or awards also say a lot about you. Mention if you were a regional champion in Athletics or how hard you worked in this or that place. This may not have anything to do with the position you are applying for, but it shows that you work hard to achieve your goals and that, without a doubt, adds value.

5. Interests or hobbies in the resume

When you have no previous work experience, recruiters may see a member with the potential to learn to develop and without prior vices. For this reason it is important that you explore what your interests or hobbies are.

In this section, recruiters will discover what area you like and the possibilities you have to develop professionally there.

Make sure that the interests have some kind of relationship with the functions to be performed.

Therefore, take some time to explore what your main interests are. Make a wide list and select those that can open doors for you in the type of company to which you are going to send your CV.

6. Profile and professional objectives

It is increasingly common for professional objectives to be specified in the curriculum. However, it should be clarified that if you are going to create a Curriculum Vitae without work experience at the age of 18, it is possible that you are applying for an unqualified position and, therefore, you are not yet a professional as such.

If so, point those career goals toward an ambitious future. Make sure those goals are clear and specific.

May the job you apply for reflect your desire to project yourself as a good worker today and as a good professional tomorrow.

7. Some tips for a Curriculum without experience

  • Your first Curriculum Vitae may have little experience to review.
  • However, this should not be an excuse for you to seek to fill it with irrelevant information.
  • First of all, you must keep it simple and make sure that the format is appropriate for the company offering the position.

  • The elegance and arrangement of the information will be of great help. That is why it is important that, before getting fully into your first resume, you take a look at the different types of resume and evaluate which one is ideal for your profile.

  • Select a photo with a neutral background. Photos on the beach or with your partner is not what the recruiter wants to see.

  • Begin your forays into the world of work through the front door. Check that your texts do not have misspellings or writing errors. Remember that the first impression counts a lot.

  • Have a clear goal and talk about what you can do.
  • Of course, in a moment of pressure you can have the flexibility to accept a different position than the one you are looking for, but always keep your objective clear.
  • This attitude of focus is highly valued by companies.

  • Read more about how to make a Resume.

  • Focus on the things that make you stand out as a professional and not on your weak points.
  • The HR person who receives your Curriculum Vitae without experience has to see things in you such as your motivation, your achievement orientation, your adaptability to changes
    Do not forget to accompany your CV with one of our cover letter examples to differentiate yourself from the other candidates.

Last but not least, to make your resume without experience you must carefully identify your skills, abilities and competencies.


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