How to make a European CV

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European CV
How to make a European CV
How to make a European CV

You want to find a job in a European country. Discover how to make a European Curriculum Vitae thanks to the Europass CV Word template.

Presenting your skills in any of the countries of the European community is easy if you know how to make a European Curriculum, or if you know the European Curriculum Vitae model. This template is also called the Europass CV will help you present your skills in a simple and understandable way throughout Europe.

Read this post to the end and increase your chances of getting the job you are looking for, regardless of whether the job offer is in a country other than the one you live in.

What is the European Curriculum?

The model of European Curriculum Vitae or Europass CV is a Curriculum template is a document where you show your work history, skills and competencies. Thanks to this document, recruiters will know if they are interested in your profile and if they can contact you.

The Europass CV has advantages and disadvantages, as we will show you below.

An important fact is that the Europass CV is a standardized format throughout Europe, that way, you will not have to modify your CV in case you want to apply for different job offers in different countries.

Advantages of the Europass CV

The Europass CV contains all the information to make a good CV: contact details, professional experience, education, skills, competences and languages.

Another advantage of the European Curriculum is that you can include data that you do not usually mention in other forms of CVs, such as interpersonal skills, computer skills, management skills, among others. That way, your prospective employer can get a broader view of who you are as a person and not just an employee.

Disadvantages of the Europass CV

The main disadvantage of the Europass CV lies in its uniformity. Being a previously structured scheme, it does not give you the opportunity to edit it according to any specific requirement.

In this way, all European citizens will present the same Curriculum template, with the only obvious differences in the case of each professional.

Modelo de CV Europass

Next, we offer you the official European model of the Europass CV

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A passport for employment in Europe

One of the advantages of belonging to a country of the European Union is that there is a set of general standards for all its citizens. And all this is the product of their political and economic integration. So in 1998 the European Forum on the Transparency of Qualifications was created. This in order to eliminate obstacles to the exercise of various professions in countries of the region.

The European CV is part of a package of 5 different documents.

Chronological structure and organization of the European Curriculum

As we already mentioned, the format of this type of Curriculum Vitae is already pre-established. However, we suggest that in each section you include the year of each formation. This is because the chronological structure is more orderly.

Remember that your document is going to be reviewed by someone else, and the more detailed you are, the more likely they are to want to read it.

Next, we explain how to fill in the sections of the European Curriculum model with Word.

Personal information

Names and surnames, street, postal code, country, telephone (indicate which is the mobile and which is the landline), email, website and instant messaging for them to contact (Skype, LinkedIn,…)

In the case of mail, avoid including that account with an abbreviated name, funny or that may seem unserious. If your account is sansó[email protected] or, create one with your real names and make it more formal.

Applied for employment

You know the specific offer, then indicate it. If you are sending your Curriculum as a self-application so that it can be known and filed in the company, it is recommended that you indicate “Spontaneous Application” here.

European CV
European CV

Professional experience

You must indicate your professional experiences: date, position and company.

Remember to explain what your function was in each position. It is not enough to mention it, the ideal is that you specify your activity. So avoid something like: “Computer engineer”.

If your work was that, detail what you did, what is the programming language in which you worked. And any other information that truly accounts for your performance.

Education and formation

The structure of this part of the European Curriculum is very similar to the previous one. Mention your training related to the position to which you aspire.

personal skills

Indicate here the languages ​​you know. Your sincerity will be essential because the level you indicate will be verified later by the person in charge of calling you.

If what you master of another language are phrases to say hello and goodbye, then do not mention it as a competence.

Then complete with your other skills: communication skills, organization and management skills, job-related skills.

Additional Information

Everything that you consider appropriate to include in your European Curriculum and that you have not included in the previous sections, is what you are going to mention in this section.

If you have had publications, completed projects, professional practices, seminars, among others.

When you’re done with these sections, don’t forget to add your photo. Remember that, in England and Ireland, this is not necessary. However, it is recommended that you inquire about the company that makes the job offer. Not all are handled under the same criteria.

Make your European Curriculum thanks to the Europass CV template

As you have seen, this European Curriculum template made in Word is quite simple to make. Above all, because the format is already designed as a template. This means that each section has a detailed explanation of the data you must upload. If you want to avoid mistakes when completing this Curriculum, don’t hesitate to read our article on how to make a Curriculum.