How to Make a PDF Resume

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How to make a PDF Resume
How to make a pdf Resume
How to Make a PDF Resume

Discover step by step how to make your CV in PDF format and send it to all the candidates in which you wish to participate.

If you need to apply for a vacancy and you still don’t know how to make your CV in PDF format, don’t worry. In this article we will show you how to prepare your CV in PDF step by step so that you can participate in all the applications you want. In addition, we will provide you with a sample CV to download for free in .pdf and .doc so that you can customize it your way.

Remember that it is very important to follow the indications of the vacancy when sending or delivering your CV. Previously, it was more common for companies to request Resumes in Word format, but this has changed due to the number of problems that arose with the compatibility of those types of files. Therefore, it is best to use the PDF.

Steps to make a CV in PDF

Without a doubt, there are hundreds of programs or web pages where you can create your CV in any file and convert it to PDF. However, we will show you the easiest method to achieve it. Next, we will tell you how to export your resume as a PDF with Microsoft Word.

Download one of our free templates

So that you don’t worry about creating a professional design, we have sample resumes to download in Word, choose the one you like best. All our templates adapt to any profile, find the ideal one.


Customize your CV model in Word

In order for this CV example to become your personal resume, it is important that you fill in each of the fields that appear in the design.

We also recommend adding a photo that has the ideal format: a slight smile, plain background, bare face, and a resolution of at least 72 pp for good quality.

Once you have completed your information, give your personal touch to the design: modify the colors, the type and font size or change the order of the sections to your liking.

Go to the main menu and click on file

click on file cv
click on file cv

Select the “Save As” option

Select the “Save As” option
Select the “Save As” option

In the “Type” list, choose the PDF option.

5. In the “Type” list, choose the PDF option.
In the “Type” list, choose the PDF option.

And ready! You already have your CV in PDF format, now it’s just a matter of sending it to the candidates you want. Don’t forget to visit our resume formats to download the one you like the most for free.

Advantages of creating and sending the CV in PDF

The first thing you should know is why it is recommended to use the PDF format for the creation of your CV. Next, we will tell you what are the advantages of using this type of file.

PDF files are compatible with any device.

  • It facilitates reading as it is not a directly editable file.
  • It allows the visualization of the design to be complete and does not modify the arrangement of the elements or the measurements of the margins.
  • Your design will remain intact no matter if they open it on a PC or Mac or any other device.
  • The PDF format is compatible with all devices.
  • You can reduce the weight of the file and send the lighter version to avoid any problem when attaching it via email.
  • PDF is the ideal format for emailing a resume.

How to send your CV in PDF by WhatsApp Web

You can share your CV in PDF by WhatsApp Web in simple steps. This will allow you a greater reach, as well as the option that your contacts, in turn, transfer it to their contacts by the same means.

  • Sign in to WhatsApp Web
  • Create a chat window
  • In the lower left corner select the icon and click next to the Emoji.
  • In the menu that appears, click on the “Documents” option and select your resume in PDF, click send and voila!

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