How to make an Express Curriculum Vitae

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How to make an Express Curriculum Vitae

Discover step by step how to make an express Curriculum Vitae in just 5 minutes and share it now with recruiters to find a job. ✓ Create your free Express CV now

Do you want to find a job in the shortest time possible? To achieve your goals quickly, the best solution is to create an Express Curriculum Vitae. To make this type of CV it is important that you know what are the characteristics that distinguish it from other types of resume.

Learn how to make an express CV and start your job search today, remember that the first step to impress recruiters is to have an excellent resume.

Steps to create a free express resume

Thanks to technology, it is now very easy to find hundreds of free resume templates or CV templates that you can download in Word or CV format for Google Docs . However, there are express follow these tips:

1. Find a free online CV generator

The first thing you should do to create your express resume is to choose a free CV template to download to your device so you can write your information. There are many options for online resume builders with free options. Among those we recommend are: LinkedIn or Livecareer.

2. Choose the resume builder template

Try to choose a template in which you display your profile. Once you have made the choice of the perfect resume model for you, the digital edition of the fields begins.

Remember that there are templates that are better suited to a more administrative profile, others that have more modern designs for the arts and humanities or avant-garde for professions such as architecture or public relations.

3. Fill in the template online

Online resume generators are quick and efficient when filling out your job profile information. In most, it will not take you more than 5 minutes to create your CV, so when you need an express resume , this is the best option.

Before starting your free express CV, remember that you must gather all your information, in this way, when you are ready to start your resume you will already have everything at hand and you will not spend time looking for dates, documents or certificates.

4. Save your resume as a PDF

Most online resume builders have the option to save your resume in PDF format, which is what recruiters ask candidates to apply for a job offer.

The PDF format is universal because it is read by all types of devices, and it is not an editable file, which allows confidentiality and protection of your work history.

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Tips to make an express CV

Curriculum Vitae Express
Tips to make an express CV


Tips to make an express CV

Writing an express resume can be very fast, but there are also things that you cannot put aside. This is the information that you cannot leave aside to create your resume.


      • Contact details. It is essential that you share a contact number in which you are available. As for your email, you must share one where your name and surname appear, not nicknames, not phrases, look for formality.

      • Work experience . It is important that you summarize your work experience and include the most relevant jobs you have had, in addition, in the descriptions try to specify what is important with few words .

      • Academic training. Your academic training must be related to the vacancy, it is advisable to write down only your last two degrees of study.

      • skills . All professionals must mention what aptitudes, qualities or skills distinguish them from the rest of the people interested in the vacancy. This is of great help to recruiters, since they need to create filters to discard candidates whose profile does not correspond to the characteristics required by the vacancy.

    • languages. In a globalized world, every day it is more important to master more than one language, so you must mention which languages you speak and what level you have. If you have official certificates, mention it.

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