How to make an online resume

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How to make an online resume

Creating your resume online is a very simple option that will save you a lot of time. Discover the resume generators that exist. List of the best pages to make a free online resume.

To make an online resume you only need to have the ideal pages to create your resume in a simple, practical way and in a few minutes. The labor market has more use of digital media every day and to find work it is important to connect to online platforms. For this reason, we recommend writing your resume online for free with the tips below.

To fill out your resume online on one of the digital platforms that offer this service, normally the first thing you have to do is register, most of the registrations in online resume generators are free. Start your resume now!

Pages to make your resume online for free

So that you can have a complete resume, in a practical and fast way, we have created this list of the best pages or platforms to create your resume online. Thanks to digital media, the possibilities to start a job search are more specialized every day, which allows you to contact millions of companies around the world and make yourself known even in the farthest corners.

When starting your resume online, remember to have your employment information at hand to be able to fill in the fields of your resume correctly.


This platform is the best example of an online resume that is currently used by millions of users worldwide. One of the benefits of this social network is that it allows you to create your resume online and share it with the users you want.

In addition, it allows you to apply for job offers online and share information about your personal and work references through recommendations from other users. Other web pages that work in a similar way are job search engines such as Indeed, InfoJobs or Infoempleo.

Platforms to generate your resume online

Platforms to generate your resume online
Platforms to generate your resume online

A great option to create your resume online is through generators and online platforms. Currently you can find a wide range, but it is important to highlight the most important ones.

Types of resume generators

Among them is CVcrea, an online platform to generate resumes and resumes. It is easy to use and has professional resume templates, with original and cutting-edge designs. The best thing is that you can use it for free.

Other options that you can use for online resume generators are: Resume Genius, Zety and Enhancv. All these options have free registration possibilities and some tariff plans that offer different options.

How to make your resume with online generators

To make your resume with the online generator pages you must follow the following steps:

  • Register on the platform you have chosen.
  • Choose the resume model that best suits your profile.
  • Fill in each of the fields that the online generator will request in steps, these can be: contact information, profile picture, work experience, languages, academic training, among others.
  • Verify that all your information is correct.
  • Save your resume in PDF format or choose the option that some platforms offer to send it by email to recruiters and interested parties.

As you can see, your online resume is created in a short time through simple steps, forget about worrying about the design or the waiting time.

One of the advantages of using online resume generators is that they usually share pre-designed options for skills, competencies, keywords, objectives depending on your profession and more options that will allow you to create a professional and complete resume.

Blogger and WordPress: for an online web resume

Another option that you can use if your computer skills are a little more advanced than the common one, is to make a web resume. You can achieve this on any platform that allows you to create your professional blog. It can be in Blogger or in the popular WordPress.

To display your resume online on these platforms you can use one of our free resume examples and place it directly on your Blog.

To complement your web resume, we recommend you include audiovisual material, you can put interviews, audios, videos where you give a brief summary about yourself so that they know you. It all depends on your professional profile, for example, if you belong to the arts or humanities, your web resume can contain photographs, your artistic work, exhibitions in museums or even conferences or presentations that you have had in front of a wide audience.