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10 Tips to make a perfect Curriculum in 2023

Find out in this article the 10 best tips for making a resume, and getting linked to the world of work quickly and effectively. In addition to providing you with some examples of Curriculum Vitae, we want to share with you 10 tips to create a perfect and professional resume.

1. Create and write a differentiating Curriculum

A good Curriculum Vitae must be unique , it must represent you, it must be simple and original . This is an excellent opportunity to show all your skills in a different way: feel free to choose an original resume design , attach the URL of your profile, or even make an Online Curriculum.

You can include all the information you consider important. The more quality content you have, the greater the chance of getting that job you want. To get started, you can download one of our Resume templates found on our site and customize it to your liking.

2. Highlight your skills and experiences on your resume

It is important to highlight your main skills and work experiences when writing your Curriculum Vitae. Details the activities carried out, ordering them chronologically. Write the programs handled and your level of knowledge. Put key titles that describe very well the position you occupied (many of the recruiters read this title before seeing the missions carried out) and use another color to highlight them.

Put key titles that describe very well the position you occupied (many of the recruiters read this title before seeing the missions carried out), and use another color to highlight them.

Remember that recruiters receive thousands of Curriculums and only take a few minutes to read yours. Therefore, the information must be specific and must correspond to the position for which you are applying.

When writing your Curriculum Vitae, think about your best skills, work experiences and knowledge that you have and that can respond in the best way to the job you apply for. This will make you take a very big step and get that first key interview.

3. Be short and concise

It all depends on what your professional experience is. If you have been working for more than 10 years, it is likely that you occupy 2 pages or more. Even so, every day it is recommended that people interested in any type of vacancy manage to summarize their information on one page.

If you are a student or a recent graduate, this is not a problem, since you will hardly have labor information left over for a second part. In case you do not have work experience, we recommend using our Curriculum model without experience.

Learning to summarize your information is the most important thing when making your Curriculum Vitae. For you to have the best guide on how to write it, read our article how to write a quality CV.

4. Describes in each position occupied, the tasks performed

Thanks to this, the recruiter will be able to get a better idea of ​​all the skills and knowledge that you have, and that have allowed you to achieve your career goals. However, keep in mind that this description has to be short and precise.

Describe tasks and accomplishments that may be relevant and essential to the position you want to fill and for which you are applying.

5. Be honest

You can lie in a Curriculum Vitae, but sooner or later it will be known what you really know or not. Recruiters are very experienced, and it is very easy for them to determine if someone is lying or not. The best thing will always be to tell the truth , and occupy a position according to your skills and work experience.

Keep in mind that everything mentioned in the Curriculum may be the subject of questions by the recruiter. Avoid lying, you can highlight all your skills and knowledge that are within your CV, but without exaggerating the information included.

6. Attach differentiating elements to your resume

Attaching a link to your personal blog, a QR code to a video or to your portfolio, can be decisive elements when choosing a candidate. Do not hesitate to take advantage of your resume and attach everything you consider necessary, as long as its content is easy to read and is consistent with the position for which you are applying.

7. Adapt the information on your CV to each job position

Many people make the mistake of sending the same resume to different organizations, and do not take into account that although it may be from the same industry, the functions and tasks to be performed may change .

For this reason, we recommend that you personalize your CV for each vacancy to which you apply. You do not always have to modify all the information, but focus on writing a professional profile or professional objectives in your resume, which respond to the needs of the organization.

8. Accompany your resume with a cover letter

Although it may seem like double work, the cover letter will give you points in favor compared to candidates who only present their CV. Recruiters say that those who choose to include a cover letter show higher interest and commitment to getting the job.

Remember that the cover letter must finish convincing the recruiter that you are the perfect candidate for the available position. You can further highlight your skills and knowledge, and of course, show commitment to the company.

9. Contact Information

It seems obvious, but many forget it. Indicate your email, telephone, Skype, LinkedIn … and other means of contact that the recruiter may have. In this way, they can keep you up to date with the selection process.

10. Curriculum Vitae in international formats and in several languages

Make a good Curriculum that can be exported in Word or PDF format . This is very important, since these are the formats most used and demanded by recruiters. Not having them will prevent you from applying for certain job offers. At the same time, it is important to translate your CV , especially in English as many companies require it.

This will demonstrate your command of the language and the adaptability you have to occupy any international position. We hope that our best tips for writing a quality resume will help you get the job you want!