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Curriculum Vitae Icon

Finishing writing your resume is not the last step, you are missing the design details that will make it look even better. Although the text is very important, some graphic elements can give your resume a dynamic, original and creative touch. Therefore, in this article we will give you all the necessary steps so that you know how to put icons on the resume.

Although it seems simple, the design of your resume will improve in an impressive way thanks to the presence of icons in the design. As readers, we are used to reading the words contained in a document, but it has been proven that when there are visual elements that replace words, the reader’s attention increases.

Where to get free icons to insert in the resume

When it comes to making your resume, you will realize that the options to improve it are wider every day. And getting free icons to insert into your CV is no exception. You can use the icons that Word has, download free page packs or download templates that already have icons included or packs that other sites like us have.

How to download free resume icons

At Resume Models we have designed a complete package of different types of icons for your resume to download for free. How to download the free icon pack ?

It’s very simple, go to the following link: resume icons and download the icon pack to your device and that’s it.

You will find 3 types of icons for the resume : full icons, circular icons or light icons. All three layouts are used to refine your resume design and are in png format, meaning they are transparent and cropped for Word.

Free icons ready to copy and paste into Word

cv icons free
cv icons free

Steps to put icons on the resume

Do you want to capture the attention of recruiters at the first glance they take at your resume? Add icons on your CV to captivate future employers who see your profile and, in this way, get the job interview before the rest of the candidates.

Once you have downloaded the icon pack for your resume , here are the steps you need to follow to insert them into your CV:

1. Open the Icons document in Word.

2. Select the icon you want to place on your resume and right click to select “ Copy ” (Ctrl + C).

cv icons free
cv icons free

3. Open your Curriculum in Word and select the place where you want to place the icon, right click and select the “ Paste ” option (Ctrl + V).

4. To modify the color of the icon , double click on the icon you want to modify and go to the “Graphics format” tab.

5. Then select the “ Chart Fill ” button and choose the color you want.

Advantages of having icons in the resume

The icons on your resume will enhance the design of your CV and make it more attractive in the eyes of recruiters. These are the advantages of inserting icons in your resume :

  • Icons allow you to reduce the number of words.
  • You can place them in the interests, contact and social networks sections.
  • They will give dynamism at the time of reading.
  • They will allow recruiters to recognize your creativity.
  • They are unique designs that express your originality as a candidate when competing for a job.

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