How to put the certifications in the Curriculum

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How to put the certifications in the Curriculum

Learn how to include the certifications and courses you’ve taken on your resume to give it a professional touch. ✓ Examples Get the best tips!

For your resume to be complete, it is important that it contains different sections. One of the most important is the courses and certifications. An official certification is proof that your professional knowledge supports your work activity.

Every professional who has official certifications or all kinds of courses has more knowledge to offer the company and, therefore, greater ability to perform their tasks optimally and with the best results. It is important that you know how to distinguish between awardsrecognitions and diplomas with courses and certifications, since it is not the same.

You should also know that not every online course counts as a certification. Next, we will tell you how to put this section on your resume so that it looks completely professional.

How to put the certifications on the CV

Once you have certifications, you can list them on your resume. Include the title of the certification, the institution that accredits it, and the year you obtained that accreditation.


  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Course – 2020
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): C2
  • Google Adwords Certification – 2019

What certifications should be included in the Curriculum

You can include all kinds of certifications on your resume as long as they are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Remember that the certifications are given by institutions, universities or companies with prestige in the field and that guarantee the possession of domain or knowledge on a specific subject or skill.

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certifications and courses in the cv resume

Types and examples of certifications to put the resume

There are different types of certifications that you can include on your resume. These are divided into different branches and can be:


Having knowledge of more than one language is essential to increase the employment opportunities you can obtain. In addition, the possibility of having a job abroad increases thanks to the command you have of other languages.

There are different types of certifications for each language. The most common are:

  • Toefl . Test that measures the level of English, comprehension capacity and the way of using the language. The certification works at an international level. It is used more for academics for study purposes.
  • Toeic . This English certification is normally a requirement requested by some companies. It is used more to assess the language at the corporate and business level.
  • Ielts . In some procedures to apply for a visa in another country or to enter postgraduate studies, they request this English language certification. Its duration is two years, the same as the Toefl.
  • cambridge . This accreditation is internationally recognized and never expires. It is recognized at the business level and for university studies. There are for all kinds of levels, from basic to professional.


In a digitized world, technological certifications are increasingly necessary. Companies are looking for staff who have knowledge of digital tools that can simplify tasks.

For example, one of the most well-known and requested technology certifications by different companies is Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist . It contains nine options that encompass all kinds of areas and professional profiles. The skills will give a value to your profile.

Marketing Digital

Digital marketing tools are increasingly required in hundreds of companies . Having them will give an important plus to your professional profile. The most popular are:

  • Google Analytics . This certification works as a tool for measuring Google data, to analyze the behavior of the website. In this way, all kinds of strategies can be implemented to increase the reach and cost of the pages.
  • Google Adwords . Online advertising campaigns are created with Google Adwords, so companies can increase their digital users.
  • Hootsuite Academy . Social media manegers or community managers use this type of tools to organize social networks. The courses are free, but the certification has a cost.

Graphic design

In the world of graphic designers, Adobe certifications are the most sought after. They exist for: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere or Dreamweaver.

It should be noted that not only graphic artists use this type of certification, but also if you are dedicated to digital marketing, if you are a communication specialist or if you work in film editing, in the case of Premiere. In general, these platforms help each professional profile to be broader and include all kinds of knowledge that can be valued in the labor market.

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