How to put volunteering on your resume

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How to put volunteering on your resume

Posting your volunteer information increases your chances of getting a job. Find out how to put your volunteer on the CV and get the ideal job. ✓ Examples of volunteer experience on the resume.

Making your resume can be a complex and time-consuming task if you don’t have the right advice to do it. There are many sections that you can include in your Curriculum Vitae, one of which we recommend to make you look like a really professional person is the volunteer work section . In this article we will tell you how to put volunteering on your resume .

Not all the information on your resume is suitable to go at the beginning, in the middle or at the end, it is important to choose the best section of the CV for each of the sections that you include in your resume. If you want to put your volunteer experience on your resume , follow our top tips.

Where to put volunteering on the CV

Volunteering is all work that is carried out without profit, that is, to benefit an organization or group of people, altruistically. In other words, everything you have done for charity without having received money in return.

For this reason, we recommend that you put volunteering under your work experience .

You must indicate the name of the organization for which you volunteered, start and end date and a brief description of the most important tasks you performed during that proce

Only 30% of candidates include volunteering on their resume, which increases your chances of standing out from the rest .

As a volunteer you get involved in organizations to help in different ways and perform social work, as well as help people in need. Companies are interested in profiles that have volunteered because this shows a humanitarian side and speaks of professionals who are committed to helping others, therefore, they will be a very valuable element for the company.

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Examples of volunteering in the Curriculum Vitae

It is proven that including volunteering in the curriculum vitae increases the chances of being hired . But you need to write it the right way.

How do I know if I should include volunteering in my CV ? There are two answers to this big question:

  • If your volunteering is related to the job offer to which you are going to apply.
  • If the volunteer work you did allowed you to get a paid job later.

Example of volunteering in a doctor’s CV


  • Volunteer caregiver at the Clínica La Paz residence for the elderly, 4 night shifts per month.
  • Volunteer nursing assistant at the San Juan pediatric hospital, 5 hours a week for three months.

Example of volunteering in a recent graduate resume


Social assistance at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City.
January 2020 – Present
UNAM volunteer program for community assistance in rural areas of extreme poverty: collection of food and clothing, as well as housing creation.

Example of volunteering to put the on CV


VolunteerMatch Network – Starbucks. Service to the community within the area in which the store was located. Creation of resources and programs for local organizations.
February 2018 – November 2018

3 Reasons why you should volunteer

Volunteering is one of the best decisions you can make just when you are about to finish your university studies or, once you have already finished them.

What benefits can you get from volunteer work ? Next, we mention the most important ones:

1. Test your knowledge

Although it is not a financially paid job, your knowledge in certain areas must be used. Therefore, being a volunteer allows you to have more confidence in yourself and realize everything you have really learned.

This positions you as a professional ready to enter the labor market with the best possible preparation.

create ties

By volunteering, the people you volunteer with become part of your primary network of contacts. This is very important, because they are professionals who may eventually contact you to do paid work.

In addition, you learn to consolidate relationships by obtaining a common goal. Therefore, teamwork is one of the great virtues of volunteering.

Be an agent of change

Modifying the environment of the less favored sectors is one of the benefits obtained by doing voluntary work. This changes your way of thinking as a professional and allows you to create awareness of others, an issue that many companies value, especially where the values ​​of their employees are an essential requirement.

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