How to reach out to Recruiters on Linkedin

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how to reach out to recruiters on linkedin

Contacting recruiters on LinkedIn is one of the shortest ways to make yourself known in the world of work and open the door to hundreds of job offers. Searching for a job is not an easy matter, it can often be a slow and distressing process, however, there are ways to simplify it and having your LinkedIn profile is one of these ways to make this process easier.

No recruiter will take it badly if you search for them on LinkedIn, after all, the goal of this social network is to create job connections of all kinds.

A high percentage of headhunters or hiring managers use LinkedIn to find the ideal candidates to fill their jobs.

Steps to Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn

Do not think that this process is tedious and complicated, in fact, it can be very favorable for you if you know the correct steps to follow. Next, we tell you how to contact recruiters on LinkedIn to find work thanks to this social network.

1. Look up recruiter names

How to start your search? The first thing you need is to have the names of the recruiters , but how do you find them?

If you know the names of the companies in which you would like to work, search Google or directly on other networks such as Twitter, the name of the company plus the word “recruiter” or the area in which you are interested in finding a job. , for example: “Nissan recruiter marketing”.

In this way, you could find names of people in charge of carrying out the process of your interest and, once you find those names, search for them via LinkedIn.

2. Send a custom connection request

Once you’ve found recruiters on LinkedIn , we recommend that you send them a connection request with a personalized message.

The most convenient thing is to write the message in a text editing program such as Word, so that you think carefully about the structure of your message, remember to include keywords so that the recruiter is interested in your profile from the beginning. There are hundreds of recruiters that do not add contacts, they do not include a personalized message.

How to write this message? Look for some similarity or something you have in common with the recruiter.

LinkedIn Custom Connection Request Example

Good morning, Pamela. I saw that you live in Mexico City. I am from Guadalajara, but I have recently moved to CDMX in search of new challenges in the Civil Engineering sector. I would be grateful if you could share a little of your experience in this sector. Would you like to connect for future talks?

3. Send your resume to the recruiter

How to Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn

Once the recruiter has accepted your contact request on LinkedIn , send them your resume, either by LinkedIn message or by email.

When submitting your resume, you must share with the recruiter a brief introduction to your profile. Include in your message your experiences, skills, what you are looking for and, above all, be brief.

Example of a message to send your CV to a recruiter on LinkedIn

Hello, Ricardo, my name is Giovanna Hernández, I am an industrial designer. I currently work as a window dresser for Tiffany and Co, but I am looking for new challenges within my branch. If you have a few minutes, I would love to share with you how my experience in window dressing could correspond to the vacancies you have under your charge. Please, feel free to contact me at the number 555 555 555. I will be happy to talk with you. Have a great day.

4. Stay in touch

Once you have sent your Curriculum Vitae and the recruiter has received it with pleasure, the process may not move forward. If so, the best thing you can do is keep in touch , but how do you do it? It is not about writing an email a week asking if there is already a vacancy for you, better look for more original and significant ways.

You can contact him from time to time by LinkedIn messages under the pretext of sharing a news that you have found interesting.


Hello, Gustavo, I read this news about the recent increase in costs in food companies and it made me think of you. Perhaps you will find the content interesting. I hope you are well. All the best.

Remember that you should write in a friendly tone, without being informal, but not too serious either. Look for a middle ground, perhaps you can find the ideal job thanks to a good friendship with some of the recruiters you have contacted via LinkedIn.

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