How to send a CV by WhatsApp

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How to send a CV by WhatsApp

Know the steps to send your resume by WhatsApp. Save time and effort by sharing your Curriculum Vitae via WhatsApp. Get the dream job today!

Thanks to technology, job search opportunities have been expanded and processing times have been reduced through the facilities provided by various applications. Just as you can now search for job offers through specialized apps and websites, you can also send your resume via WhatsApp.

Discover below the steps to share your resume via WhatsApp.

Why send your CV by Whatsapp

We’ll never know when an opportunity to get a job will arise, so through WhatsApp it’s possible to share information in an immediate and personalized way.

Without a doubt, taking advantage of instant messaging like WhatsApp to send your Curriculum Vitae to someone is a great option.

Imagine that you are sitting in a cafe and suddenly you meet one of your classmates from university or school and a job opportunity arises precisely during the conversion, how to make the most of this moment? Send your resume by WhatsApp!

Steps to send your resume by WhatsApp

In order for you to send your resume via WhatsApp, you must follow a series of steps. Next, we tell you one by one what you should do.

1. Your resume must be in PDF

So that you can send or share your resume via WhatsApp, the first thing you should do is save it in PDF , this way you will have the ideal file to share your resume.

For more information see: How to make a CV in PDF

2. Save your resume on your mobile phone

To submit your resume from your phone , the first thing you need to do is have your resume on your device . To send it to you, you can do it from different platforms, the simplest thing is that you send it to your email.

Enter your email from your mobile or cell phone, select your CV and save it on your smartphone.

3. Register the recipient’s number on your phone

In order for you to send your CV to the recipient via WhatsApp, you need to register their number in your phone’s address book . Once you have done so, the WhatsApp app will allow you to start a conversation with this person.

4. Open a conversation with the recipient

To send any type of file, it is important that you open a chat window .

5. Select the “+” option that is in the lower left corner

This menu has several options from which you can choose to send documents .

6. Choose the “Documents” option from the display and select send

Among the documents that appear on your mobile should be your resume, since you had previously saved it on your phone. Select it.

Download: Free Resume Templates

Easier: Send directly from the file menu

Another way to send your CV is that, when you open the file on your phone, open the menu and find the option “Send by WhatsApp”.
This method is easier and faster.

Steps to send your resume by WhatsApp Web

Steps to send your resume by WhatsApp Web

Another option that many use to send files via WhatsApp is through the Web application. To submit your resume from your computer or desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to WhatsApp Web
  2. Open a chat window.
  3. Go to the bottom left corner and click on the click icon next to the Happy Emoji.
  4. From the displayed menu, select the “Documents” option and select your Curriculum, click on open or send.

Sending your resume by WhatsApp is really simple. It saves you time and effort to share your CV with recruiters, friends, contacts and anyone else interested in your professional profile.

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