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How to work on a cruise ship

There are jobs with which you can increase your savings in a short time. One of them is found on cruise ships. How to work on a cruise ship ? There are all kinds of temporary or short-term jobs, the ships offer that type of opportunity. If you like the sea, dealing directly with people and you are willing or willing to spend a season on the high seas so that your savings grow, you should work on a cruise ship.

Find out everything you need to do to get this job, whether or not it is possible to work on a cruise ship without experience or knowing English . Pay close attention to the advice and tips that we will give you and get ready to sail for a season.

Requirements to work on a cruise ship

Cruise companies often ask for the same type of requirements to work on a ship. The most common are:

  • Be 21 years of age or older. In many countries the age of majority is 18, but there are others where it starts at 21, which is why, when dealing with international cruises, companies ask for personnel who are 21 years of age or older. Alcohol is sold on all cruises and they usually include casinos where there are bets and games of chance.
  • Non-criminal record letter . It is important to show that you do not have a criminal record, since it is about getting on a ship and sailing on the high seas for months, so companies need to trust a staff that takes care of their clients.
  • Valid passport . Cruise ships typically sail between several countries. Or sometimes cruise companies sail from different ports, requiring their staff to fly to the city where the ship is leaving.
  • Special visas . There are countries that request visas from people who enter, depending on their nationality, which is why the cruise company you want to work for will be in charge of telling you what visas you need to hire you.
  • Medical certificate . As this is a long journey at sea, it is important that the ship’s employees are in excellent health, both physically and mentally. For this reason, one of the requirements is to verify, by means of a medical certificate, that you are in the perfect conditions to be part of the staff.
  • languages . Cruise ships have passengers from different countries, so it is a requirement to know, at least English, there are other cruises where they ask for German, French, Spanish and other languages. Depending on which route you will take, these are the languages ​​that will be requested at the time of passing the recruitment and selection tests.

Advantages and disadvantages of working on a cruise ship

Sailing on the high seas can be a fun and rewarding job, but it can also bring certain conflicts such as being away from your family and other situations that must be considered before applying to work on a cruise ship.

To work on a cruise you must meet certain requirements that we will tell you here ✅ Download a free resume to ask for a job on a ship.
how to work at cruise ship

Advantages of working on a cruise ship

  • Know different countries . Although your job is to be on the ship providing a service to passengers, cruise companies also allow their workers days off to disembark and take tours of the destinations they visit.
  • Increase your income in the short term . Cruise ships are known for the good pay they give their employees. The lowest ones start at $1,200 per month and can go up to $4,000. In addition, an advantage is that, during this entire period, the company provides you with food and lodging, so your salary goes entirely to your savings.
  • Intercultural coexistence . Both the ship’s staff and the passengers are of different nationalities, cultures, traditions, so the cultural exchange that can be experienced inside a ship is quite large. Nothing like a cruise to bring together so many cultures.
  • New languages . As we have mentioned, being on a ship forces you to use other languages, so you will surely learn to name things in other languages ​​and perhaps even be able to make sentences and communicate with people who speak a language other than your own.

Disadvantages of working on a cruise ship

  • Being away from family and home . If you have a partner, children or a home where you like to be, working on a cruise ship can be a complex task, since you will spend long periods away from everything. Instead, you have an adventurous spirit and detachment is not a problem for you, this is a great job that you can take advantage of.
  • Dizziness . There are people for whom sailing makes them dizzy, if you are one of those who suffer from vertigo due to the swaying of the sea, we recommend that you have medical tests done and inform yourself well with your family doctor if he recommends or not to be part of the staff of a cruise ship.
  • You will never be alone . Although for many people this point may seem like an advantage, in reality, after so many months on a ship, there comes a point where some employees miss their space alone.

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