Improve your resume in 20 quick and easy steps

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Improve your resume in 20 quick and easy steps

Discover the best tips to improve your CV. 20 tips to modify and optimize your CV. Get the perfect resume.

To change jobs or look for a job offer with a higher salary and greater challenges, it is important to present your CV and make a great impact on recruiters.

There are many ways to improve your resume because we wrote this article to give you all the necessary tools to optimize your resume in the best possible way.

Meet the ideal job, it’s possible if you have a perfect CV. It’s important that you know how to enhance your resume by following professional advisors who will open doors for you into the world of work.

Any mistake could result in your application WILL be canceled and YOU want recruiters to contact you when they see your resume.

Follow these tips and create the best resume.


1. Customize your resume based on the job offer

Each job opening is unique and requires specific skills from applicants. For this reason, we recommend that you create a separate CV for each job opportunity that you wish to participate in.

Remember to read the job postings well to know exactly what companies or recruiters are looking for.


2. Don’t make it longer than 2 pages

Regardless of how long your working life lasts, it is recommended that you do not go beyond the second page to summarize your experience. It is important that the recruiters can get an idea of you in a short time.

Every day there are more applicants for all vacancies and the time to complete the selection process is usually limited. Therefore, in the first 5 seconds after a recruiter holds your resume, they should get an idea that your resume can work for them.

It is recommended that the sea resume is 1 page long if more is required, with no pages on the second page.

3. Use keywords

Using keywords is extremely important as they help recruiters know if you are the person they need for the job.

In order to have the right keywords, it is important that you carefully study the job offer and, if what is being asked for is related to your offer, do not hesitate to include it on your CV.


4. Write factually and professionally

The career goal is a short introductory paragraph that summarizes your career information. It is important that you mention what your strengths are in this section.

In order for your professional profile or goal to be perfectly written, we recommend that you read our article: Examples of professional goals for the CV.

5. Write down the information in chronological order

The information in the Education and Work Experience sections should be written in descending chronological order, i.e. H. starting with the last digit or course and going backwards from there.

Don’t forget that in order to save as much space as possible, you should summarize your experiences in keywords and be very precise.

6. Mention your achievements in previous jobs

To let a recruiter or prospective employer know if you’re an asset to the company, show them your accomplishments at previous jobs. In order to improve your CV, it is important that the document contains your greatest work achievements.

7. Match your skills to the job opening

Skills are one of the most important or relevant sections of a resume. This is because they are directly related to the tasks that the worker has to perform on a daily basis.

Read the job posting carefully and identify the skills the position is looking for in its applicants. If they match yours, add them to your resume.

8. Shorten your name

If your name is very long, that is, you have more than one name and compound surnames, you should summarize it as much as possible to favor the design of your CV. Remember that, above all, the resume is a designed document, that is, it must have visual elements that capture the attention of readers.

9. Choose the right photo

If you decide to add a photo to your resume, try to make it a picture that shows your full face. Recruiters generally prefer to see candidates directly.

Choose an outfit that is neither too formal nor too casual, somewhere in between. Try sketching a slight smile, and remember that the most important thing about a resume photo is that it inspires confidence in the reader.

10. Anota tus datos de contacto

In order for recruiters to contact you, it’s important that you leave your home phone number so they can reach you and not have to wait for someone else to message you.

Remember that your email must be professional, that is, it must contain your first and last name, you can combine it with dates or periods or dashes in case the addresses you want to use are busy.

11. Includes social networks

Social networks are very important in the digital age. If your networks are personal, don’t include them on your resume, but if they have professional material, don’t hesitate to include them. Specifically, the social network that should appear on your resume is LinkedIn.

12. Use action verbs

Action verbs in your job descriptions at previous jobs make your resume stand out and allow the recruiter to see what skills you used to perform your jobs.


13. Add your last two degrees

In order not to overload your CV with unnecessary information, only the last 2 or 3 degrees are considered relevant. Especially if they are directly related to the vacancy.

14. Use the right font

The font specified for a resume is legible, you don’t want to remake fancy fonts especially if they imitate handwriting as it makes it difficult to read fully. Arial or Times are always welcome.

15. Add the software you know

In order to improve your CV it is important that you add what software you are proficient as currently most jobs require employees who are proficient in certain computer programs.

 CIf you have any certifications, provide them, this can add several points.

16. Do not abuse colors

The design of your CV should be attractive, but you should not abuse graphic elements, especially colors. It’s recommended not to use more than three colors in the design, but it depends on you and the aesthetic you want to showcase.

Sometimes reading in two colors makes it more comfortable and enjoyable.


17. Add hyperlinks

Adding hyperlinks can be very useful for recruiters, especially when the position involves digital work that you have to show, as is the case with graphic designers, architects, and web writers, among others.

18. Check the spelling

Your candidacy could be canceled due to a spelling mistake. Do not let that happen. Word has a spell checker that you can turn on so you don’t make any mistakes. In any case, we recommend that after you’ve finished writing it, you show it to someone you trust to read and give you their comments.

19. Use an original or modern resume design

To make your resume better, you can change the design of your resume with one of the templates we have for you. They are free and are created in Word format. We have original and modern templates. Don’t hesitate to look for the one that best suits your profile. They will impress recruiters with their professional and unique design!

20. Accompany it with a cover letter

It is important that you include a cover letter with your resume. For this we share our free cover letter format. Download it and personalize it with your data.

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