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remote work from home

If you are looking for freelance remote work or to be part of a company, but through remote work from home, in this article we will give you the keys you need to get a job in this modality that is becoming more common every day due to the incorporation of digital tools and the global health crisis.

We will tell you how to find a job from home in different Spanish-speaking countries, in addition to following general advice.

Basic tips for getting remote work

Whether you want to get remote work without experience or you have experience and are looking for the right job for everything you have achieved professionally, here we will tell you what you must do or what steps you must follow to find the remote job that is perfect for you.

1. Register with the most popular job seekers

The best way to find the ideal remote job is by registering on the pages dedicated to job offers.

There are hundreds of sites where you can find remote work such as Indeed or Infojobs . The best thing you can do is create a profile with all your data, on some platforms you can make your resume online and allow recruiters to have access to it.

2. Create a digital portfolio to show recruiters

Many of the remote job openings may not be directly related to your previous experience. It is for this reason that, to generate interest in recruiters, we recommend that you create a portfolio with the type of projects that you would like to carry out.

For example, if you want to design logos for companies, but your experience is not extensive, create some examples for fictitious companies, so you can show potential future employers an example of your design style.

3. Accompany your resume with a cover letter

Every day the cover letter is more necessary, as this saves recruiters a lot of time. To write your letter, it is important that you previously do an investigation of the company or the client with whom you want to work. Find out what their needs are and what they really look for in their workers.

Within your letter it is important that you use the ideal words. Look for precise, concise language that is clear to read, avoid far-fetched sentences. The more information you give with the fewest number of words, the greater impact you will have on the readers of your letter.

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