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Photo for Curriculum Vitae

All the steps to get the perfect photo for your resume. What you should (and shouldn’t) do to achieve a good resume photo. ✓ Photo examples for Curriculum Vitae for men and women.

When making your Curriculum Vitae , this big question will arise: how should the photo for the resume be ? Yes, selfies abound on social networks, everyone from your little nephews to your grandmother takes photos of themselves, but is it worth putting a selfie on the CV?

The answer is no. For this reason, we have created this article, in this way you will know how to take the ideal photo for your resume .

CORRECT examples of photos for Curriculum

As we have indicated the characteristics before, now we give you these photos as an example of how your photograph should appear on your resume.

Photos for a woman’s resume

Photos for man resume

INCORRECT examples of resume photos

women resume photos

men resume images

Now, according to what we have told you in this article, these are examples of how your resume photo should NOT be.

CV with or without photo

Should I put a photo on my resume?

In some countries it is not customary to request photography in the curriculum .

The criteria for not including a photo in the Curriculum Vitae have to do with gender, age and racism discrimination. Although not consciously, it may be that the photo influences recruiters and they prefer to hire people with certain physical characteristics or of a certain ag

It is important that you verify whether or not the use of photography in the curriculum vitae is customary in your country or in the country where you will be looking for a job .

Some of the countries where photography is NOT used are:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia

CV templates with and without photo

Girl template with photo

Steps to have the perfect photo for your CV

What should the perfect resume photo look like ? The first step is -perhaps- the most obvious, but to which few candidates resort: go with a professional photographer . There is nothing like the gaze of a good photographer to have the ideal photograph. However, we know that this is not always possible, so we have prepared a guide with steps for you (or with the help of a friend) to take the photo for the resume.

1. Choose the best outfit

The great thing about resume photos is that only the clothes you’re wearing from the waist up show up. So, you only need to worry about that part of your image.

Choose appropriate clothing according to your profession . A graphic designer may have a more hipster image than, for example, a lawyer.

Try not to have very bright colors, as they could give the wrong idea of ​​​​your level of responsibility and distract recruiters. Similarly, we do not recommend choosing clothes with prints, especially if you have a shirt with repeating patterns such as dots, circles, diamonds or animals. Preferably, try to be plain colors.

2. Use the right hairstyle

The ideal hairstyle will depend on multiple factors for both women and men. However, the common thing is that you try to make your hair look in order whatever the length or hairstyle you decide to do. But the most important thing is that not even a lock of hair covers your face.

3. Try not to wear earrings or earrings on your face

If you have a pierced eyebrow, nose, lips, or other area of ​​your face, remove your earrings, hoop earrings, or earrings for your Curriculum Vitae photo. It is better for recruiters to see a more natural image of you .

There are companies whose policies ask for a serious image of their employees, so a face without accessories is a good choice for the image of your resume .

4. Choose a neutral background

Backgrounds in photographs can help or distract. We recommend that you take the photo on a smooth wall or that you get the effect of a swept background, that is, only you look perfectly sharp and the rest of the image is blurred.

If you have a gray, white or blue wall , the best thing you can do is use it as a background for your photography. The recommendation is to take the best photo with what you have at hand.

If you choose a photo in nature or in an outdoor background, you must take care that no people appear behind it. Also try not to be too pompous a landscape.

5. Look for the best lighting

Look for the best lighting
Look for the best lighting

Lighting is basic in photography. Try to look for natural light , otherwise, if you use spotlights or lamps that are directed directly towards your face, you could “burn” your image, that is, a part of your face cannot be seen due to excess light.

With a little creativity, you will achieve the perfect image. It’s just a matter of putting your creativity into practice and achieving the ideal photo.

6. Frame the shot

To get the ideal size for your resume photo , you must prioritize the correct position of your torso and head.

Your face should be visible, a bit of your neck, and a few inches below your shoulders.

In the upper section, your entire head should come out and one or two more centimeters of bottom . In the lateral zone of the left and right of the photograph your shoulders should be seen or, have the same space on each side. And in the lower section two or three centimeters below your shoulders should be visible.

Take great care of the framing, that is what mainly distinguishes a professional photograph from one that is not.

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7. Relax your posture and facial expression

Smile strongly and then loosen your face , normally that is the technique used so that your face is relaxed and your features do not harden.

Stare into the camera lens with your shoulders down, but don’t overdo it. This is because showing the neck will always look elegant, in addition to reflecting an air of youth regardless of your age.

8. Smile slightly

Once you have all your muscles relaxed, smile lightly and naturally.

Photos with smiling faces tend to generate more empathy with recruiters .

9. Select the highest possible resolution

So that your photo does not look blurry, poor quality or unprofessional it is important that you select the highest resolution on the device with which you are going to take it. Phones have the option to take pictures in high quality, and cameras have different sizes, choose the highest and best resolution.

Tips for a woman’s resume photo

The photo in the resume for women must meet some points to be a portrait that really stands out from the rest. For that, you need to consider the following points.

  • Make -up : Try to have a soft make-up that is harmonious with your physiognomy . Having too flashy makeup could be detrimental to your application, as recruiters like to see people as they are. If you decide not to wear makeup, take care that your face looks clean and fresh.
  • Jewelry and piercings : If you have pierced eyebrows, nose, lips or other area of ​​the face, remove earrings, hoop earrings and earrings for the photo of your Curriculum Vitae. It is better for recruiters to see a more natural image of you .
  • Hairstyle : Ideally, you should wear your hair up. If this is not the case, you should wear your hair combed and tidy, and not cover any part of your face.
  • Clothing : Try to wear a sober color (although as we have mentioned before, this may depend on the position and place you are applying for). A loose garment, such as a jersey or a linen shirt, is a good option. Try not to be too low-cut and never completely cover your neck .

Tips for a man’s resume photo

For the photo of the resume for men it will also be necessary to follow some tips:

  • Shaving : Like makeup for women, for men it is also important that the beard does not cover the face so much . If you have a very long beard, try to keep a formal shave. On the contrary, if you do not have a beard or mustache, take care that your face looks as neat as possible.
  • Piercings : If you have piercings that are too large and visible in your nose, eyebrows, or lips , you’d better take them off for a couple of minutes . If you only have an ear or a small nose piercing, you can perfectly keep them in place.
  • Hairstyle : If you have long hair, it is better to tie it up in a ponytail and take care that there are no loose strands. If you have short hair, wear it naturally.
  • Clothing : Choose a garment where your personality stands out . It is advisable to wear the neck uncovered or partially uncovered. A plain shirt is always a good option. So is a sweater or a t-shirt together with a jacket.

Questions about the photo in the Curriculum Vitae

How should the resume photo be?

In addition to having given you the steps to take the perfect or ideal photo for your resume , we will also share the following tips so that you do not choose the wrong photo for your Curriculum Vitae.

  • Choose a recent photo. There is nothing wrong with your age. It’s never too late to look for a job! There is no reason or excuse not to put a current photograph on your resume.
  • Only you appear. There are those who believe that it is a good idea to appear in the photo of the curriculum with pets or children, nephews, but no.
  • Do not choose unprofessional scenarios. It’s a really bad idea to take a picture of yourself at a party and then put it on your resume. Remember that you must maintain a professional and responsible image.
  • Stickers or emoticons are only for casual photos. Do not include any of this in your resume photo.
  • If you have clothes with brand names, avoid them for your Curriculum Vitae photo. It will seem that you are advertising this brand and it will take away seriousness and professionalism.
  • Never put a full body photo on your resume. Even if you apply to a modeling or acting agency (where they will surely ask you for a portfolio for that).

How to edit a photo for resume?

You have different options to edit a photo for your resume. Choosing one will depend on the importance that the photo requires in the position you are applying for. On the one hand, you have Photoshop, although it can be too professional if you do not have editing skills.

Other free programs for photo editing are:

  • photoshopexpress
  • double lightroom
  • pixlr

Remember that you can also edit photos on your mobile with many applications that currently exist for it.

If you don’t want to get involved with programs or App’s, remember that in Word you can also edit photos in a very simple way.

How to insert or place a photo in a Curriculum Vitae?

To insert your photo into a resume in Word , follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “insert” section in the menu.
  2. Then you must click on the “images” button.
  3. Select your photo to place on your resume.

On the other hand, if you have downloaded one of our free resume formats , you must:

  1. Select with a click the photo that appears in the model.
  2. Then go to the “Image format” menu.
  3. Select from “Change Image”.
  4. Select your new photo.

Ideal size for a resume photo?

For the photo of the resume there is no pre-established measure . That will depend on the type of resume model you have chosen and the importance you want to give to the photo. However, in the vast majority of the photo section there is a similar size that may vary slightly.

Of course, if you have to opt for a specific size, the ideal is for it to be passport size, that is, approximately 35 x 45 mm .

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