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apps to earn money

Thanks to technology, it is now easy to generate extra income thanks to applications to earn money from your smartphone . If an average person spends 4 hours a day on their mobile, why not spend some of that time using apps to make money?

Also, if you spend your time giving your opinion on social networks for free, it is better to give your opinion in online surveys that are paid. The applications that we will recommend in this article are to do opinion polls and earn money by investing. Do not forget that Internet scams are very frequent, be careful with the apps you try, that’s why we have created this list of ways to earn easy and fast money using applications . Get to know them!

Next, 7 free apps to earn money from your smartphone, all are available for Android ( Play Store ) and iOS ( App Store ).

1.Google Opinion Reward

If you love giving your opinion, this app is for you. Created by the great company Google, this application has the purpose that mobile addicts can take advantage of their addiction: remunerate their opinions.

This is how it works: download the app and complete a short survey, the topics range from hotels and series to products you have purchased. The good thing about these apps is that you can use them while you’re in the bathroom, waiting for transportation, while your friends arrive, or just lying on the couch with nothing else to do.

The payment of each survey ranges between $0.10 and $1 dollar .

Compatible with:  Android

Download the App:  Google Play

2. Foap

Do you have a gift recording videos or taking pictures? Could you consider yourself a professional photographer or photographer? If so, this app is for you. It gives you money by selling your photos and videos . All you have to do is download the application, upload the digital material you want to sell and put it in your online portfolio.

In the event that an agency, brand or any other Foap user decides to buy your material, you will share the royalties 50% with Foap. This means that if you sold a photo for $5, you will earn $2.50, because Foap will keep half. However, each photograph can be sold more than once, which increases your chances of generating more income .

There are also “missions”, which means that your photos are part of a specific project, that’s when you can get more money.

Compatible with:  iPhone, iPad and Android

Download the App:  App Store  and Google Play


One of the main applications to earn money by answering product surveys. They have modified their platform and now they also include missions such as visiting stores and taking a photo of a product or trying something.

This app does not handle money either, your payment is made through gift cards or flight miles . So, if you travel a lot or have a shopping addiction, this application can be of great help to you.

Compatible with:  iPhone, iPad and Android

Download the App:  App Store  and Google Play

apps to earn money
apps to earn money

4.SB Answer

With Swagbucks you can make quick and easy money through different activities. Among the main options are:

  • surveys
  • Answer questions
  • Play games
  • Watch videos

Rewards can be exchanged for cash or gift cards from Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart, or Starbucks.

Compatible with:  iPhone, iPad and Android

Download the App:  App Store  and Google Play

5.Rakuten Rewards

Ebates is a mobile application that returns up to 40% of the purchases you have made in its more than 2 thousand stores, but do not think that they are unknown establishments, Amazon, Expedia and Walmart are on their list.

It gives you special coupons and helps you find in which store the item you are looking for is cheaper and how much money would be refunded in each one.

In fact, just by subscribing, you will receive a bonus of $10 dollars.

Download the App:  Rakuten


Another app to recover part of the money you have spent . You have three ways to use it: upload your purchase receipt, link your gift cards from an establishment or make the purchase in the stores you want from the app.

Once you have made your purchases and they have the receipt, they will deposit money into your Ibotta account and you can withdraw it later. Stores like Best Buy, eBay and hundreds more participate.

Compatible with:  iPhone, iPad and Android

Download the App:  App Store  and Google Play

7. Shopkick

This app is for shopping lovers . If you like going into stores and strolling between the shelves, you’ll love Shopkick. Here you will find challenges or missions that you must complete and once you have done it, you will receive a remuneration through gift cards.

Among the missions can be: enter a certain store, scan the barcode of a product or do it online.

The app doesn’t force you to make purchases, it gives you missions to complete, but they don’t always have to do with spending money.

Compatible with:  iPhone, iPad and Android

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