The 7 highest paid jobs in the world in 2022

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The 7 highest paid jobs in the world in 2022
Find out which are the 7 best paid jobs in the world in 2022. Ask yourself if you want to turn your professional life around and dedicate yourself to one of them.

The world of work is very varied, both in tasks and in talent and activities. Although in any sector there are two extreme possibilities: become a millionaire or have a salary below the average; there is a constant in the jobs that usually receive a better salary than the rest.

Thanks to measurement parameters, we can identify which are the best paid jobs in the world. As you can imagine, the information technology, business and health sectors top the list.

What are the best paid jobs in the world in 2022? In this article we will tell you. Remember that changing jobs is never easy, but you can achieve what you set out to do professionally, you are your own limit.

Artificial intelligence and the space travel industry offer the best paid jobs in the world to their workers. The following list comes from an investigation with data collected by the Business Insider site. Pay attention and ask yourself if you would like to belong to any of these sectors.


In the world of medicine, it is known that anesthesiologists earn much more than other specialties, why? Let us consider that all medical intervention requires anesthesia and only the anesthesiologist knows what dose to administer, although the life of the patient is in the hands of all the doctors who intervene during the operation, the anesthesiologist has the responsibility that the patient survives to anesthesia.

Like any medical specialty, practicing as an anesthesiologist takes time, an average of between 10 and 14 years. But the financial remuneration makes up for it.

Annual salary: up to $411,000 usd.


Among the highest paid jobs in the world is that of an orthodontist, the person who works magic to align teeth and create perfect smiles, as well as take care of any dental problems or maxillofacial corrections.

The difference between a dentist and an orthodontist has to do with the degree of specialization. Therefore, orthodontists usually study 3 years more than dentists. But the effort is well paid and, for this reason, they are part of this count of the best salaries in the world.

Annual salary: average $310,000 usd.


Surgeons, almost on a par with anesthesiologists, are usually the doctors who receive the most income. Within the surgeons are the neurosurgeons, specialists in surgery that have to do with the brain. And, we know that the human brain is not just anything, that’s why the effort is well paid.

So now you know, if you plan to study medicine or are already a medical student, consider specializing in surgery, in this way, in addition to helping people and saving lives, you will have good economic recognition.

Annual salary: average $251,000 usd.

Engineering Manager

Engineering is also one of the sectors known for its good salary percentage. An engineer may work in areas of construction and urban development. Within engineering there are branches that are better paid than others. Petrochemical engineers, that is, those in charge of developing methods related to obtaining oil and gas, are the ones who receive a better salary.

Annual salary: average $156,000 usd.



The job of a CEO or an executive director is one of the most time-demanding. If you want to do things well, you must give an important part of your day to the company. If you have a strategic mind and your managerial and business skills are outstanding, this type of job is for you.

It often happens that the CEO is also the founder of the company, but not necessarily. It’s about start-ups, yes, but not big companies. The greatest virtue you need to have to be a CEO is leadership. If you have it, you can go ahead.

Annual salary: average $310,000 usd.

Director of Information Technologies

Information technologies are normally related to company security. These departments are in charge of avoiding at all costs any type of cyber attack or hacking of information.

People dedicated to this area have extensive knowledge in computing, they can come from university careers such as systems engineering, computer science, telecommunications systems engineering or information technology engineering.

Annual salary: average $145,000 usd.

Software developer

The people in charge of designing computer programs are software developers. In an increasingly digital world, professionals dedicated to this sector have ample possibilities of obtaining a job offer with a high salary.

If you are interested in software generation, it is a great option that you direct your professional life towards this sector, especially because it will be easier for you to find work than in other areas.

Annual salary: average $140,000 usd.

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