The Best Resumes In 2022

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The Best Resumes In 2022
The Best Resumes In 2022
The Best Resumes In 2022

Discover below the best Curriculum Vitae of 2022 in Word format. Download the best Curriculum in the World for free!

The Curriculum is your cover letter in the world of work. The ace that every professional must have up their sleeve and pull out at every opportunity to change jobs.

In this article we have gathered for you the best Curriculum Vitae that you can find to inspire you or to make your own.

Writing your CV is always a task that requires time, attention, concentration and the best disposition to let recruiters know the best of you, what makes you different and why you are the ideal person to fill the vacancy they offer. . The best thing you can do is give yourself ideas to inspire you. On our website you will find all types of Curriculum Vitae, but the variety of options is so great that the least we want is for you to get lost among so much information.

Therefore, below, we will guide you through a tour with the best Curriculum Vitae models to download for free: creative, professional, in Word, in English or for when you are a student or without work experience.

Best Resume of 2022

You always have to stay ahead in everything, this also includes the preparation of your CV. This is one of the CV 2022 models.

  • Introductory paragraph to be more personal the first approach.
  • Social networks. In the world we live in, social networks have acquired an importance never thought before. For this reason, in a CV of 2022 it is necessary that at least your LinkedIn profile appears, as well as your Skype account.

Two Tones A Black And White Template Design

A Black And White Resume Template Design


Best Curriculum Vitae in Word

One of the advantages is having a CV template that has been created directly in Word, in this way it will be extremely easy for you to add your information in the pre-established format. Here we give you the best free Word Curriculum options for you to keep in mind when making a Curriculum.

A Light And Dark Free CV Resume Template

Dark Free CV Template


Advantages of a CV in Word:

  • Save time.
  • 90% of digital users have Word and know how to use it.
  • It is a friendly and easy-to-use program.
  • Files carry little weight compared to other documents.
  • It allows you to export the CV in PDF format for a better presentation.

CV model in Word

Best Student Resume

The fact that you are inexperienced does not mean that you cannot make a student resume, in fact, to make the best student Curriculum Vitae it is necessary that you have the following information, remember that it must be detailed:

  • School works. Perhaps your experiment in chemistry class was awarded by an institution and recruiters should know about it, it is important that if any of your school work was relevant, it is recommended that you include it in your CV.
  • Courses. All the relevant courses you have taken can make a difference when recruiters choose you.
  • Social service. If you performed your social service in a relevant institution, it is important that you include it as part of your information.
  • Awards or recognitions. If you have been awarded for any of your work, such as an essay or a scientific project, recruiters might find it interesting, include it.

Student Resume Template

Professional Resume Template The Clean Headshot

Free Professional Resume Template


Improve Resume

In a globalized world like the one we live in today, it is essential to speak or master more than one language. Normally, English has been chosen as the ideal language to make ourselves understood by nationalities very different from our own. Here we leave you the best CV model in English so that you can make your own.

Advantages of having a CV:

  • You can send it to any country in the world.
  • You could move abroad by having an opportunity elsewhere.
  • Your salary income could benefit.
  • Your profile is internationally competitive.

Best Professional Resume

The more professional your resume looks, the more likely you are to be considered a great candidate. For your CV to be professional, it must have certain characteristics:

  • Effective. Direct to information and without confusing the recruiter.
  • Detailed. You must summarize in detail all your work information.
  • Current. It is always important that you include your most recent career.
  • Orthography. There should never be a spelling error in your CV, this could close the doors for you.

Fine Balance A Creative Professional CV

Creative And Professional Resume Template


Best CV without Experience

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience, we all have to create the first CV at some point in our lives to get the first job. For this, it is necessary that you take the following into consideration: highlight your skills, languages, aptitudes and interests.

The Classic Pro A Professional Free Resume

A Professional Resume Template


The Best Creative Resumes

Remember that the difference is always what you have to contribute that others will not. This can be seen from the design of your CV in Word.

If you present a creative CV, your chances of standing out or standing out increase favorably.

For your Curriculum Vitae to be creative you have to show a different arrangement of the elements. All creativity lies in the design, it is important that the colors harmonize, that you find a different way to measure the level of your skills or the languages ​​you master.

A creative CV must contain:

  • Less text more graphics. How boring and tedious it can be to read a CV that contains a lot of text, so it is important that you work on graphics, you can even use icons or emojis, maybe the recruiter is looking for that.
  • A great design. Remember that love enters through the eyes, the goal is to impress recruiters, so it is necessary that your design is captivating.
  • Different photo. Use a photo that is not “the typical CV photo”, find a different shot, where maybe you are jumping or doing some amazing activity.
  • Typography. There is more than Arial 12 or Times New Roman at 1.5 line spacing. Play with the fonts, this will give you a plus.