The best typeface for the CV in 2022

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The best typeface for the CV
The best typeface for the CV in 2022
The best typeface for the CV in 2022

Find out what is the best font for your resume. Sizes and fonts recommended by experts.

Just as the color of the resume depends on the context of the vacancy and the company’s policies, the font or font you choose for your resume also depends on certain factors.

So, is there an ideal CV font? What is the best font for your resume?

Ideal fonts for a CV

There are different fonts that you can use for your resume. Get to know them:

1. Times New Roman

Within some programs to write, the letter that is programmed is Times New Roman, for this reason it is usually used.

However, on many occasions the texts written with this font do not usually produce a pleasant reading because the small skates placed at the ends do not allow the words to flow before the eyes.

After so many years of use, the Times New Roman typeface has become unoriginal and cumbersome.

2. Arial

Another of the fonts that are normally predetermined in certain writing programs is Arial. Although this font style is easy to read due to its friendly design, it is widely used internationally, so your CV will not stand out from the rest if you decide to use this type of font.

3. Century Gothic

There are other types of letters that are modern, but at the same time keep the necessary formality for this type of document. Such is the case of Century Gothic. This typeface is well accepted by recruiters.

The Century Gothic typeface has a simple and contemporary design. It is perfect for presenting a professional application.

Georgia and Calibri

Georgia and Calibri fonts are a good choice, recruiters prefer them over Times New Roman and Arial. They are clear, clean and concise, they are easy to read and therefore an ideal alternative for your CV.

5. Garamond

Despite having a layout similar to Times New Roman, the Garamond typeface offers greater comfort when reading. However, it keeps a conservative style that can be considered old-fashioned. Choosing it will depend entirely on you and the design of the resume you have.

Mix of fonts in the same resume

Another possibility you have when creating a resume is to choose different fonts. For example, you can use traditional Arial for titles and Calibri for the rest of the text.

Do not use more than 3 different fonts in your CV.

You could also mix Centry Gothic with Helvetica, they are a good combination.

Letter size

We have already analyzed what are the fonts that you could use, now it is important that you know what is the ideal font size for a Curriculum Vitae.

Depending on the font, the size to use varies between 11 and 12 points.

As always, it will depend on the rest of the design of your CV and also on the size of the sheet, since it is not the same to do it in Letter than in A4.

Another aspect that will define the font size of your resume is the amount of information you have, especially in the “Work Experience” section. If your professional history is extensive, it is best to use 11, otherwise 12 points will be enough.

Never use less than 10 points for the font size of your resume.

Remember that the writing of a resume must be brief and precise. Do not dwell too much on the particularities, make use of action verbs and take care of the spelling.