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Website to get job in the United States

It is always important to find a good job even though the search process can be complicated. In order for you to simplify stress and time, in this article we will give you the best pages to find a job in the United States, in this way, you will not have to worry about the lack of possibilities or about the time it takes to do your search. Discover all the job boards in the United States.

In addition, we will give you a model resume for the United States and, in this way, impact recruiters to get the first interview. The world of work usually has a very high level of competitiveness, so we give you all the necessary tools to make your search successful.

Websites to get a job in the United States

No matter what country you are in, you can search for a job in the USA from where you are through these websites and have remote job interviews.

1.Glass door

Glassdoor is one of the best options, as it has thousands of daily offers to find work in the United States . In addition, one of the most attractive options of this website is that it has a section in which users can comment on the companies where they work or have worked. As well as share their experiences during job interviews.

You can create your free account anytime you want. It also has a salary comparator and a consultancy where you can find the best companies in the region that interests you.

2. iHispanic

If what you want is a job that allows you to start your life in the United States, iHispano is the ideal place to search for options. You can find vacancies that fit your Hispanic profile. It also has the option to search by labor sector, so that, in this way, you can find something that suits your profile.

Their options are not as great as those of other web pages, but they have an interesting range, for which we recommend that you give this job seeker a chance.

3. SimplyHired

The companies that share their vacancies on SimplyHired usually offer positions for foreigners, which means that the visa to work in the United States can be useful for you and you can get to have a residence in this country.

In all the vacancies that interest you, you will be able to find information about the salary and more specific details that will allow you to personalize your curriculum vitae or resume in the best way.

You can also activate the alerts of new jobs to your email and, in this way, be informed of what the most recent options are. The platform facilitates the option of uploading your CV and simplifying the selection process.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the largest number of users worldwide. One of the biggest successes is that LinkedIn created its own job search engine. In this way, companies that want to share their new vacancies can do so easily through the application without the need to upload it to other websites.

Employers will be able to access your LinkedIn profile when you sign up for a job posting. The search filter allows you to find job options that are close to you. In addition, the best American companies have a presence on LinkedIn, so the quality of the offers will be of the highest.


The United States government has an official website to publish vacancies and offer work to those who are interested in working in the country or abroad for the American sector.

In case you do not live in the United States yet, it has a section where you can find out about the procedures you must do to work in the United States if you are from another country.

The vacancies that you will find on this website have to do with security, teaching or all kinds of positions that are related to public service.

Job in the United States
Job in the United States

6. Career Builder

CareerBuilder is one of the most used job search sites in the United States. It has a filter that analyzes the keywords that are present in your resume. In addition, it gives you advice so that your competition with the rest of the candidates is the best.

The filter to search for vacancies has the option to put location, salary range and industrial sector. In addition, all these options can also be found in the Spanish translation, so you can also search for a job in the United States in your own language.

7. Indeed

Indeed is probably the most quoted job seeker internationally. Your searches always return viable options for any candidate or candidate. In addition, the number of vacancies it has within the United States is very high.

Indeed has the possibility of making your resume within the site thanks to an internal tool that allows you to make your CV in a short time and in a simple way.

However, we recommend that you use both options: make your CV within the interface but also upload your own CV in PDF format so that recruiters have all the information they need about your professional profile.

Download free the format of Curriculum for the United States

To facilitate your job search in the United States , we have created this USA resume model so that you can impress recruiters with its design and professionalism. Download it for free by clicking on the image and fill in the file with your data in Word.

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