Top 10 jobs for digital nomads

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10 jobs for digital nomads
Learn about the 10 best jobs for digital nomads and find your ideal position. Earn money traveling from anywhere in the world.

Working as a digital nomad is one of the best options out there for free-spirited professionals who need to live in different parts of the world. If you are one of those people who need to go far, but keep a secure source of income to be able to absorb the cost of living abroad, here you will find the best options.

We have created this list of the 10 best jobs for digital nomads so you know which one is ideal for you.

Top 10 ideal jobs for digital nomads

Finding a job as a digital nomad is not complicated, in reality, there are many options you can do, one is to talk to your current boss and propose working remotely. This is a good tactic, as you can migrate anywhere in the world if your work can be done with a computer and the Internet.

Here are the best jobs for digital nomads:

1- App developer

Working on the development or creation of different web pages is one of the most requested jobs today.

You need to build the app, the functions and the specific characteristics that your client requires. As a developer, you will also be asked to analyze how it works, make updates and correct bugs or any problems that the current versions have.

Some developers are also in charge of testing the functions and that the user experience is elevated so that, in this way, the clients are satisfied with the downloads and with the updates.

2- SEO specialist

As an SEO, you will be in charge of making a website highly competitive in search engines, always in the first places. An SEO specialist allows a page’s organic traffic to grow without even investing in advertising.

It’s also about having experience with the architecture of the page to make sure that it has the right content of certain elements such as external links or keywords that allow the site to be placed where it should be.

This position usually has good economic offers, all the pages require to appear in the first search places and the best thing is that it can be done remotely without any problem.

3- Social Media Marketer

The presence of brands in social networks is very important. A person is needed to build, redefine, analyze and manage the presence of the brand in networks.

A social media marketer, also called a “Community Manager” helps to maintain the brand image with its clients and also to manage new interested prospects. It is a job in which you must schedule the content to be published, create campaigns, contests, call to action and all kinds of digital interaction.

4- Digital Entrepreneur

Digital entrepreneurs are those Internet visionaries who know how to create their own business, be it a website or e-commerce (dropshipping…) and create an online community. There are different ways to become a digital trader.

Digital Entrepreneur
Digital Entrepreneur

A digital entrepreneur normally has to develop several functions in the business, because he is a creator, at the same time a manager, publicist and, sometimes, even a programmer.

5- Customer service

Companies always require staff who are available for the complaints, suggestions and needs of their customers. It is very common for large companies to hire a large number of employees dedicated to customer service.

The most common thing today is that people who work attending to the needs of their clients work remotely, which is why it can be a good option for digital nomads.

6- Technical support

Working in the technical support area of ​​a company will allow you to work remotely, since you don’t always need to be inside the company to solve the technical problems that customers of telephone, internet or insurance companies need.

A person who works in technical support can perform different functions. It is not always about serving external clients, many times they are part of the internal support in the area of ​​IT systems.

7- Web developer

Web developers are like digital artists who always have work. This is a job that builds, maintains, and updates websites. Programming language or certain codes are used that allow modifications to be made to pages found in systems such as WordPress.

A job that is required every day in the digital world.

8- Programmer

If you know programming language, completely dominate the computational code, this program is for you.

Programmers develop software, web pages and applications and make use of digital interfaces. The only problem for a digital nomad to work as a programmer is that he needs to make sure that he has an optimal internet connection to carry out his work.

9- Language teacher

Nothing like teaching from anywhere in the world online. Video call classes have become more established than ever with the pandemic, which allowed teachers with a nomadic spirit to have the possibility of getting a job from anywhere in the world.

If your thing is teaching languages ​​and living in one city and another and another, this job is ideal for you.

10- Editor

Do you know how to write and are you passionate about writing content? Working as a copywriter is ideal for you. There are hundreds of pages that need copywriters. It’s just a matter of you taking a tour of sites like Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork and getting your job as a digital nomad.

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