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10 Jobs you can do from home

With new technologies, it is increasingly common for people to no longer spend eight or nine hours in an office, but to set their own schedules and work from home or from any other place they like . However, working from home is not for all profiles, since if you do not have experience, the pay you will find for yourself will be scarce and you will probably need to find another job to be able to make the payments you need.

The paradigm of the business system where it seems that the worker is enslaved eight hours a day is changing and, not only have they realized that a worker is more productive in less time, but that this way of life is also harmful to health. The best thing you can do is find a balance and balance the hours of work with hours of recreation.

Next, we will give you a list of 10 Jobs you can do from home to earn money, the important thing is that you will generate your own hours.

1. Online education

The online education offer is quite wide. You can find from children or young people who need a tutor to improve their qualifications in certain subjects or, join universities to give bachelor’s, master’s or any other distance postgraduate. The number of digital teachers is increasingly frequent , so if this interests you, it is a good time to carry it out.

2. Freelance Writing and Editing

Remote writing and editing is usually presented in digital magazines, blogs and in companies that need to constantly update the digital content of their web pages. In case you already work in a company as an editor, content writer or editor , the next step is to convince your boss or boss that you can do the work remotely, since writing can be done from anywhere in the world.

3. Transcription

Getting into transcription is recommended for people who have experience in this field, as it will be difficult to get this job remotely if you are new to the subject. The areas that require more people to do transcriptions are: corporate, financial, legal and medical. Once you have found an offer as a transcriptionist , you should make sure that it is legitimate, as some scams tend to occur.

4. Digital Call Centers

If you speak or master more than one language, you should consider working in a virtual bilingual call center , as there is an increasing offer for employees to work remotely and serve the necessary clients. Also, when you work in multiple languages, the pay is always higher.

Jobs you can do from home

5. Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluators work independently online and provide feedback on the functionality of the engines, whether they are being comprehensive, viable, relevant and on time. If you want to do this, you need to be familiar with the local language and culture of the users where you want to review the engine. These types of positions usually ask for bilingual people , however, there are engines that only analyze engines in English.

6. Data capture

Normally, this work consists of capturing data from a company and entering it into a special system, either written documents or audio files. Most of the companies that offer this type of hiring ask for employees who are not full-time and who can work remotely.

7. Insurers

Insurers are the companies that hire the largest number of telecommunications workers and have different offers for work from home, among which you can find: insurers , appraisers , case managers and insurance agents. There are even cases in which they also offer project management positions.

8. Medicine

In the field of medicine, there are also certain jobs that you can do remotely . Among them are medical transcriptionists and virtual nurses . Some pharmacists even work from home reviewing prescriptions and verifying the transfers that must be made between one pharmacy and another. Most of the remote jobs in the medical field require special certificates or studies that not everyone has.

9. Finance and accounting

Financiers and accountants also have the opportunity to work remotely , especially CPAs and Mortgage Brokers. The pay is related to experience, so if you are new to the field, your income is likely to be lower than normal, however, these are jobs that offer good income in the long run , so it is important that you consider it a viable option.

10. Art and design

Most media, marketing, and advertising companies employ freelance artists, photographers, illustrators, and creators . To work in this field, it is necessary that you have a broad portfolio and that you can show all the projects you have carried out, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to be allowed to work remotely.

11. Social Media

One of the most popular jobs these days is everything that has to do with the management and management of social networks. Normally, social media managers or community managers can work remotely as long as they follow a schedule of all the activities that will be carried out in the company’s networks and deliver a constant evaluation of the published content.

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