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part time jobs for students

Part-time student jobs don’t often show up in the top counts of job searches, however, this doesn’t mean there aren’t good student job options out there. As you continue with your studies, you often require financial support to support yourself, whether it is to pay rent, food, transportation, books or even entertainment that improves your quality of life.

In fact, students who work part-time tend to get more out of their classes, as they stay active both physically and mentally.

In addition, once they finish their studies, they will be able to get a full-time job more easily due to the experience gained not only in their part-time jobs, but in the entire process of sending a resume, cover letter, job interview and the selection process in general.

What are the best part-time jobs for students?

So that the organization of your life as a student has a good balance between studies, work, exercise and social life, the best thing you can do is get a part-time job .

A good job offer will offer you a flexible schedule, considering that your studies must be paramount, and will also allow you to make better use of your time during the weekends. What are the best part- time jobs for students ? Next, we give you the best list.

1. barista

One of the most common offers is the barista vacancy , who doesn’t need a good daily coffee to wake up and start the day in the best way? Both in large coffee chains such as Starbucks and in small local businesses where even the coffee undergoes a higher quality, artisanal and organic process, they require baristas who are in charge of preparing drinks for their customers.

2. Waitress or waiter

We all know that if you want to make money in a short period of time, one of the most recommended options is to have a job in a restaurant , especially a place that has a reputation for customers leaving large tips.

The advantage of working in restaurants is that you have a relaxed and entertaining environment. You can live with more colleagues and you meet people every day. In addition, it is a way to exercise both your memory and your body.

3. Kitchen helper

If cooking is your thing, you can get a job as a kitchen assistant, in this way you will learn all the tricks of the kitchen and, perhaps, later you can start your own restaurant or become a prestigious chef.

In order for your application to the vacancy to be successful, download our sample kitchen assistant resume for free . All you have to do is open the document in Word and fill it in with your personal data to submit your application.

4. Freelance copywriter

There are more and more pages that request freelance writers to write articles on various topics. The advantage of this type of part-time job is that the schedules are really flexible, that is, you make your own schedule and, rather, they ask you to complete a certain number of texts in a certain period. For this reason it is easy to organize yourself.

Looking for a good resume design to apply for a part-time copywriter job? Download this Student Resume template.

5. Professional practices

Internships can also be a great part-time job option for students, especially if you’re in college. In this way, you will be able to focus your studies on the workplace and start your career in a company.

For your CV to be perfect, we recommend that you follow this article How to make a resume for professional internships . Have confidence in yourself, the ideal job is waiting for you.

Letter of recommendation for students

Just one more step, once you have your resume finished, we recommend that you accompany it with a letter of recommendation for students in order to find the ideal part-time student job for you.

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