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Create your Europass CV in PDF format in five easy steps and find the ideal job in Europe. ✓ Europass reading syllabus in PDF format.

What is the Europass format?

The Europass CV is also known as the European CV. It is a standardized format created by the European Commission in 2002. It is very easy to use and was created to allow candidates a simple structure and to increase the transparency of the selection process for European citizens. Work experience stands out, as do skills and competencies.

Europass is recommended for anyone wishing to apply to a university abroad or looking for a job in another country. Create the Europass CV in PDF format is the first step to take advantage of new opportunities.

Crear tu Currículum Europass en formato PDF es muy sencillo. Sigue los siguientes pasos.

5 steps to create a Europass CV in PDF format

1. Download the Europass curriculum model in Word format

Download the free Europass CV template for Word and save your Europass CV in PDF format on your computer after filling it in with your personal information to have.

You can also create your CV online on the official Europass website and without registering you can download the Europass CV in PDF format so that you can always carry it with you.

2.  Fill in the Europass with your professional information

To complete your Europass you need to fill in the information in sections. Follow these tips:

  • Contact information . Write your name, surname, address, date of birth… without leaving aside your contact information such as email and phone number so that recruiters can contact you.
  • Work experience . In this section you will write your work history. List the jobs you’ve had in chronological order starting with the most recent. Do not forget to highlight the most important tasks you performed in each one.
  • Education . In this part of your resume, you should write the information that is related to your studies. You should always start with the most recent. Explain the skills, qualities or competencies obtained during each of the courses that you are going to include in your resume, only if they are relevant to the vacancy for which you will apply.
  • languages . If you have an advanced command of a language, in addition to your mother tongue, mention it in this section. Add the level of the language you know. If you have very little knowledge, we recommend that you do not include it.
  • Computational skills . In this section it is important to highlight the skills you have related to others. This is indispensable in the professional context.
  • Organizational skills . Do you have leadership? Do you consider that you can relate to others in an outstanding way? These skills are very important in the professional context.
  • Interpersonal skills . How positive is your experience with others? How well do you know how to communicate what you think or need?
  • Technical skills . Write here the skills related to the position or the area to which you apply.
  • artistic skills . If you are a creative person, employers should know about your artistic interests, they could be interesting for the vacancy.
  • Other skills . Add extra information so recruiters can get to know you better. For example: awards, publications or conferences.
  • Driver’s license . You can add driver’s license information if it’s relevant to the position you’re applying for.
  • More information . In this section, as in “other skills”, include the date in case it is necessary.
  • Attachments . List the files attached to your CV here.

Do not forget that it is not mandatory to fill out all the sections. You can eliminate the areas that you consider irrelevant and create your own European CV. For this reason, you can personalize your Europass CV in PDF .

Personalize your Europass CV

The Europass resume is a standard format , but you have the option to customize the template by choosing different fonts and font colors. The size of the font is important to help you highlight the main information: we recommend writing your first and last name in bold or in a larger font within your Europass CV in PDF .

Add your profile photo: Choose one where you have a slight smile, a professional look, and a neutral background.

4. Take care of the spelling

A resume with misspellings is not a good start and can easily be rejected. There are hundreds of online tools that help you correct these errors. Turn on Word’s spell checker so you can write the perfect resume without mistakes.

5. Save your CV in PDF format and upload your application

The Europass CV must be in PDF format. Thanks to this you can have easy access to your document. Save your CV in your email and on all the devices you can so that you always have it at hand.

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How to export your Europass CV in PDF format

  • Once you have filled in your Europass CV in Word, you can create the PDF version with the following steps: File> Save as and select the PDF format option from the menu that appears.
  • If you created your CV on theEuropass official website ends the creation process with the download of the CV in PDF format to your device.

Now that you know everything about how to create your Europass CV in PDF format, there is no more time to waste. Create your Europass CV in PDF format and apply for the desired job.

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