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What is a Curriculum Vitae

Many people wonder what a Curriculum Vitae is , especially those young people who want to enter the labor market. So, what is a Curriculum Vitae and what is it for ?


Curriculum Vitae , or also known simply as a CV , is a document whose main objective is for a person to get a job .

The resume covers basic information regarding the education acquired and, in case it is not a beginner who is interested in preparing one, the most relevant work experience should also be included .

What is a Curriculum Vitae for?

It serves so that whoever hires you sees your qualities and thus knows if you are suitable or not for the job .

However, before achieving this objective, all the necessary elements must be put in an optimal way so that, in the first instance, you get a call for a job interview.

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Basic sections of a Curriculum Vitae

1. Personal data

Try to put your formal data in the following order: Name and surname, year of birth and/or age, place of residence and contact (email and telephone number).

2. Photo

Ideally, you should appear with a half smile in the photo of your resume , in addition to good lighting. Try to make the background and your clothing of a sober and uniform tone. Think that the best impressions come through sight and a good visual presentation adds points to go to the next level.

3. Profile (brief description)

The profile in a resume is an important point because depending on what you write and how you write it, your application will be more or less successful.

Start by writing some qualities of your person in a creative and professional way regarding your skills.

Make short sentences in a text that does not count more than 80 words.

4. Training (studies)

If it is your first job as a student or if you have just finished school, you can easily include your primary and secondary educational information.

If this is not the case, try to put only those relevant higher studies.

5. Professional experience

Indicate what position you held in this or that company . In a sentence or through vignettes, describe the work carried out.

A common mistake among applicants is that they put job information that has little or nothing to do with the job that is being offered. If you feel that they are related to something, identify if that relationship can be included in a section of skills or aptitudes.

6. Competencies and skills

Including this section is important whether you have previous work experience or not.

Through your skills and abilities, the recruiter can see if you have the technical tools that make you the right person for the position to be filled.

Today, software management falls into this category.

Optional sections to put on a resume

skills and abilities

1. Skills

What are you good at? What is it that moves you? Any special talent you would like to share? If there are several on the list, choose a few skills in which you perform best and that are related to the position you are applying for. 

2. Languages

Languages ​​always count as something positive. Indicate what and how many languages ​​you speak and, if possible, indicate your level: beginner, intermediate, advanced or native.

3. Volunteer

Another favorable point is volunteering . Many recruiters, depending on the work to be done, are very interested in knowing the human quality of their applicants and their level of initiative.

4. Courses and/or certifications

If your studies section is extensive and you want to put more information on degrees and training , courses or certifications are an excellent idea to demonstrate it. If this is not your case, it is better that you put this in the studies section.

This point may be related to what you have put in the skills section.

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Job Resume Example

Whatever your personal, training or work profile, the job resume models offer a wide variety of formats and models. Explore the best designs on the web, ready to fill in both Word and PDF . Download for free the Curriculum Vitae template that you like the most.

Types of Resumes

You should know that the Curriculum Vitae has evolved throughout its existence. If in the past creating a CV was a tedious task, today it is easier than ever. Discover below the most requested types of resume .

Chronological resume

The chronological Curriculum Vitae orders the information according to the temporal order in which you have worked.

Start by indicating your most recent jobs with their respective start and end dates, and then end with the oldest. You can also do it the other way around.

It is not recommended if you have done sporadic or limited work in time.

thematic curriculum

Also called functional or competency resume . This type of CV will help you enhance those areas in which you have aptitudes, skills and abilities that you had not developed in other jobs.

This is an ideal type of resume for young people looking for their first jobs. It is also for those who want to redirect their professional career in other fields of study and do not have enough experience.

European Curriculum

Also known as CV Europass , it is a model created by the European Union in order for its citizens to increase their chances of finding jobs in other countries of the community.

It is a model with a solid language section. Ideal for adventurers who want to expand their borders (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany…).

3 tips for writing a good resume

Before starting to complete your CV with any of our models, first open a Word or a blank sheet of notebook and do the following:

  1. Write down everything you have to include as if it were a brainstorm .
  2. Make diagrams, mental maps and then classify that information with colors, so you can better differentiate the different points to include.
  3. Identify what is the most relevant information for that job and organize it in another file.

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