What is networking and what is it used for?

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what is networking

The term networking is used to denote the contact, connection, or relationship between professionals. In short it means building a network of contacts, this can be done by a person or a company. Why is  networking  so important in today’s professional world?

At present, both entrepreneurs and companies and professionals need to strengthen their contact networks in order to increase their chances of growth, obtain other employment benefits and improve their professional life.

What is networking and what is it for?

Definition of Networks

With its English meaning,  networking  refers to the action or process of interacting with other people to share information and enhance professional and social contact.

It’s about  building a win-win relationship  in which both parties benefit.

It is important that job opportunities benefit from connectivity as it can grow businesses, consolidate businesses better and even expand the market cheaply.

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A successful career comes from the  growth of professional networks  . Not all networks should be within the same industry, it is also important to establish connections with experts or companies from other industries to drive development.

Why networks?

What is networking for?
What is networking for?

There are many reasons  to use networking in professional life  . A business can improve by having a network of contacts large enough to expand its reach, increase sales, strengthen relationships, make agreements, or attract suppliers, among other things.

A single expert  also has to network  . This with the aim that his interpersonal relationships allow him to build a network of contacts in which he can draw on any situation.

Entrepreneurs  often use networking to create startup companies in particular, ie companies that market products or services thanks to information and communication technologies.

The 10 most important advantages of networking

There are many  benefits of networking  for all types of cases, whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, company or startup. The most important thing is to connect with as many people as possible and create as many links as possible so that your network is big and strong enough.

Next we will tell you what are the best  benefits of networking  :

  • Open the door to new possibilities  . There are hundreds of studies conducted by companies like  LinkedIn  where the numbers show that more than 80% of professionals who use networking as something important in their professional life are more successful.
  • It allows you to make yourself known  . Whether you want to be present in the workplace as an employee or as a company, networking is essential. As you form a new relationship, connections grow and one contact leads to the next and the next, allowing you to meet a large number of people.
  • Increase your chances of finding a job  . By networking on an individual level, you will find a job faster because you will find a contact person within your network who knows the ideal position for you.
  • It opens channels of learning and knowledge  . By having the opportunity to meet talented, interesting people with backgrounds different from your own, you have the opportunity to grow on a personal level. Using your networks to better yourself will make you feel better.
  • Improve your communication skills  . By being a resource that encourages you to talk and build relationships with other people, your communication skills will be greatly improved. The more you network, the more useful your ability to relate to others will be.
  • You will receive job offers  . It’s not just about reaching out to your network when looking for a job change, your network can also reach out to you when they’re looking for a profile like yours. In this way,  networking will bring you offers that you hadn’t thought of or imagined.
  • You can find new guides  . If you are new to an industry, networking can help you find people to mentor you so you can improve your skills and do a better job.
  • It allows you to strengthen lasting relationships  . It’s not just about leveraging your contacts for a need. Networking can also help you form strong relationships that become very strong and will not fade over time.
  • You can strengthen your brand  . If you are an entrepreneur and you have a brand that you want to launch in the market, a network of contacts is the biggest asset to get yourself known.

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