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National Curriculum

The national curriculum of basic education or initial national curriculum in Peru is an educational document that the government updated in 2016. It is a content where the educational policies that will be carried out in the teaching and learning of students are found. for your basic training.

Here it is established how the profile of the graduate student will be and what the national competences of each student will consist of, as well as the levels that are expected to be reached during their cycles.

Thanks to the national curriculum , teachers will understand the key concepts of education through workshops and specific programs for each level. It is about allowing students to develop skills and values ​​through a transversal approach.

Characteristics of the national curriculum

The content of this document responds to new challenges and educational demands that each student faces every day. It is clear information applicable to different contexts. The implementation of the national curriculum is carried out progressively each year.

Create an exit profile

It focuses on all students having a common vision regarding what they have learned and that their personal development is part of their profile as a citizen, in turn linked to the world of work and to the participation of each individual in a developed society. .

Modify the culture of evaluation

It has tools that allow evaluation from a formative approach, that is, the final grade is no longer the end, but rather that students overcome difficulties and develop achievements in their academic life.

It is based on inclusion

A basic law of non-discrimination allows all students to have equal rights regarding the development of their learning and the approach to knowledge.

Includes skills

It has 31 competencies to be developed by the students, the competencies that will distinguish the students are increasingly better defined.

Focuses on global demands

Transversal skills allow students to insert themselves into a global society that manages to change and renew universal knowledge.

Transversal approaches of the national curriculum

The transversal approaches of the national curriculum are ways of analyzing how people are, how they behave with others and with their environment. It is a set of values ​​and attitudes that teachers and students must have on a day-to-day basis.

It is proposed that, through this type of approach, the pedagogical work is well directed and can be carried out in the different needs of the students . Among the main approaches are:

  • Interculturality . It is very important to have intercultural education in the classroom so that educational perspectives are enriched with other cultures.
  • Gender equality . It is proposed to recognize the value of each person to eradicate any type of stereotype that hinders optimal social interaction and individual well-being.
  • Orientation to the common good . Education and knowledge are considered global commons and should be accessible to all.
  • Pursuit of Excellence . Thanks to this, the faculties acquired by the students are maximized and strategies for professional and personal success are obtained.
  • Environmental approach . Caring for the environment is key to an optimal and complete education and will allow us to have better citizens working for particular causes without damaging the environment.
  • Rights . The preservation and defense of human rights is essential in each activity of educational development.
national curriculum characteristics
national curriculum characteristics

What is the national curriculum for?

As you may have seen in this article, the national curriculum in pdf is an official document that can be downloaded in that format and, by means of which, the educational parameters that will be used throughout the country for basic education are stipulated.

In order to summarize the key points of this official document, which is so important at an educational level, we will tell you what it is for.

Keys to understand the 2022 national curriculum

  • This document stipulates the contents and topics that will be carried out in schools and basic education centers in the country.
  • Thanks to the guidelines that are determined in this curriculum, the educational standards are executed, as well as the type of teaching and the stages that must be followed.
  • This document sets out the evaluation criteria that teachers must follow to qualify the skills, knowledge and progress of students.
  • The importance of the personal development of each student is the key for teachers to make good use of the national curriculum.
  • An environment of tolerance, fairness, equality and respect in the classroom is what this document promotes.
  • Both teamwork and the optimal development of interpersonal relationships will be positively influenced by the statutes to be followed in said document.

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