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what to put on a resume

The job search has begun and, therefore, it is time to make a resume. What to put? What goes on a resume? Where do I begin? Doubts come to you and for a second everything seems uphill. Don’t worry. Here we explain step by step how to enter all your information correctly. ✓ Free Examples

It is normal that when preparing an important document, such as a Curriculum Vitae, you want to do it in the best possible way, and that is how it should be! Because of course, an important part of your future depends on it. Then you are surely wondering what should I put on a resume

Many times, making a good resume seems more complicated than it really is. Before launching to write you have to know well what job you are applying for, what the company needs, what your professional profile is, among other things that you should put on a resume and that are relevant. It is not an easy task, of course.

Following the steps that we mention below will give you a broad and detailed idea of ​​everything you should put on a resume .

1. Personal data

How many times have we had to put our personal data in school notebooks or on some form? Well, it’s the same thing here.

Putting your personal data is vital for recruiters to contact you for a possible job interview. Also, as the structure of the resume has changed, it is important that your name appears in larger letters than the rest of your contact information.

The necessary personal data are:


  • Name and surname: Teresa Pérez
  • Telephone: 999 999 999
  • Email: [email protected]
  • City/ Country: Monterrey, Mexico
  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/teresa_perez

Including social networks like LinkedIn will always be appreciated by the recruiter, as long as you show that you are active in said social network . If you are going to add another social network such as facebook, instagram or twitter, these must be accounts of a professional nature or that demonstrate your expertise in some discipline that is related to work.


  • Name: Theresa
  • Last name: Perez
  • Age: 27
  • Date of birth: August 5, 1994
  • Address: Avenida Los Aromos #55X

Information such as age and address is not used for security reasons and to avoid any type of discrimination.

Try to put icons in front of this section. Here you can download icons for Curriculum Vitae for free and that will visually attract the attention of the recruiter.

In addition to your information, it is likely that you hesitate to have your resume with or without a photo . If you decide to include one, you will have to choose well which one, as there are those who include an informal photo that ruins any candidacy.

Free Download: Basic Resume

2. Professional profile and objectives

Profile and professional objective usually go hand in hand. This section, also known as ” About me “, is what every resume must have to pass any selection process from the beginning. It is important that for this section you know very well what you want to achieve and project as a professional.

The description should be like the following:


Cook with 5 years of experience in the hotel sector. Demonstrable ability in time management and teamwork. I aspire to develop my career and meet all the objectives set. Excellent communication and teamwork, which is demonstrated by the recognition obtained from both my peers and former employers.


Hi, I’m Teresa, a very responsible and punctual person. I have experience as a waitress, shop assistant and cook. I really like to travel and I always give my best. You will not regret hiring me, since I have all the willingness in the world to do whatever you ask me.

3. Education

Education will always be a fundamental pillar in our lives, therefore, it is a section to include whatever our educational level. The latter becomes more important if you have completed a course, degree and/or postgraduate degree and that this is related to the job you are applying for .

At the time of making your Curriculum vitae, your educational information should appear as follows:


2014- 2017
Higher Technical Degree in International Cuisine – IC, International Cuisine Institute

2017 – 2018
Pastry Course – Pastry School

2019 – 2020
Advanced creative cooking course – Escuela Superior de Cocina


I have a higher degree in international cuisine (2014-2017). I also finished two courses, one in confectionery and the other in advanced creative cuisine (2017-2020).

If you are applying for a specific job position that requires a specific specialty level, you must put studies according to that particular job position. For example, if you apply for a position as a veterinary assistant, it will be useless for you to put the pastry course that you took the previous year.

4. Professional experience

Our work file is essential information, in this way the recruiter will see through our experience that we are capable of carrying out the work for which we are interested. In this section you must put the name of the specific position you perform or already performed, in addition to the time worked accompanied by a list of the most important tasks performed within the company or institution.

It is recommended that you arrange your professional information in reverse chronological order , that is, that you start by detailing your most recent experiences until you finish with the oldest. This is the most standardized way to develop this section.

It is also important that you include achievements, merits or awards if you have them. Although to mention them you must be brief and precise.


2022 – Present
Tasks to be performed:

  • Create, standardize and present weekly and monthly reports.
  • Work with the procedures and standards of the operation.
  • Identify and recommend data improvement opportunities.

Technical Support Engineer – EMAGÍSTER
2020 – 2021 Tasks
to be performed:

  • Find solutions to basic problems of external customers (in terms of technical support)
  • Relocate computer and telephony equipment according to personnel movements.
  • Provide systems administration support and on-site automation.  


Recognition of my current company for developing specialized algorithms in data collection in the different countries where it operates.


The works carried out have been the following:
Data analyst from 2019 to today in Computer Center.
Technical support engineer between 2020 and 2022 at Emagíster.


I developed an algorithm in highly complex programs, allowing workers from different companies from many parts of the world to facilitate their process of collecting data from…

5. Languages

Languages ​​is the section that is here to stay. Nowadays speaking a second language is vital to develop in any work environment. It will always provide quality and added value to any work area.

It is recommended that you put the certification of your level ( TOEFL , Cambridge , TOEIC ) or put the level equivalent to the European Framework. If you do not have a level or demonstrable information, but you do speak a language well, then it is recommended that you demonstrate it with a simple graph.

So you should put it like this:


  • Spanish: Native Language
  • English: C2
  • French: B1


  1. I speak a little of each language.

O well:

  1. English: I understand it but I speak it little.
  2. French: Basic notions.

If you do not speak any other language then it is advisable that you fill in this section with information regarding your interests, hobbies, volunteering, etc.

6. Skills and Competencies

In the times in which we live, it is increasingly necessary to put knowledge of specialized technical aspects or highlight an added value of your professional profile that may be useful for the job you are applying for.

Remember that, as in other sections, the skills and competencies that you decide to put on your resume have to be based on the job in question.

For example, if you apply for a Community Manager position, you must put skills and competencies such as:


  • Drafting
  • office package
  • Advanced calendar creation
  • Expert in creating videos for Tik Tok


  • Use of industrial machinery
  • Pet sitting
  • passionate about soccer
  • Customer Support

7. Skills

The skills in a resume are all those innate qualities that make you stand out as a person and that can be useful for your working life. Including skills is important, especially if you are creating a resume with little or no experience .

You should know that skills often coincide with what are also called ” soft skills ” (soft skills). Both are abstract characteristics, that is, they are professional characteristics that cannot be felt or used in an instrumental way. Of course, they are part of you and will help you to develop your work in a better way .

It is very important that you simply bullet points and do not fall into very self-centered descriptions of yourself.


  • Teamwork
  • emotional intelligence
  • Analytical
  • Creative


I am a person who is passionate about my work, which is reflected in my creativity and my excellent capacity for analysis in all tasks entrusted to me. I am extremely proactive and responsible like no other…

Skills are often described in “ Professional Profile and Objectives ”. If you look above, in the “Professional profile and objectives” section, the person applying for the position of cook has said that she has good time management, as well as excellent teamwork.

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