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why look for a new job

Why use social networks when looking for a job?

Nowadays, more and more recruitment centers, companies and headhunters have adapted to the new digital market and make use of these Social Networks to contact and search for new talents. why look for a new job?

The potential of Social Networks as a channel for attracting, attracting and recruiting different profiles has become an important pillar for human resources departments. Now, they can have valuable and quality information thanks to this medium.

“In times of change, those who are open to learning will own the future, while those who think they know it all will be well equipped for a world that no longer exists.”Eric Hoffer

10 important reasons why you should use social networks when looking for a job

1. Select the networks that interest us

First of all, it is important that you know which are the social networks in which you want to be present, which are of interest to you and which you want to optimize. It is useless to be present in all of them, if we do not know how to use them or we do not have quality information for recruiters. As they say, the important thing is not the quantity but the quality.

2. Have an e-reputation

As our own brand, by being present on the web we are much more visible and vulnerable. Therefore, it is important that your different social networks contain useful and filtered information about you. Take your time to feed it and place all the information that highlights your profile (diplomas, jobs, topics of interest, associations to which you belong…). This will allow recruiters to learn more about you and what interests you.

3. Be different

Today on the web we can be very creative and spread content quickly. Thanks to blogs, YouTube videos, online CVs, personal web pages we can make a difference and show our skills.

For example, create a video about yourself, post it on YouTube in a private account and share it on the social networks in which you are present, this will show your autonomy, mastery of other programs and interest in new challenges.

Between a person with a complete and quality social network VS a person with an incomplete social network, who do you think they will contact?

4. Find out about new job offers

Many are the companies that place their job ads only on the internet and on social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook… Having your social network and profile up to date will allow you to find out about the offer and apply or write through the network if necessary.

5. Recruiters look at your social networks

They are also interested in your lifestyle, hobbies, books you like… This can be a complementary and decisive element in choosing you as a possible candidate. Being present on a social network, having it complete and updating it will allow the recruiter to learn more about you and take an interest in your profile.

6. Meet new companies

Thanks to the comments of others, company publications… we will be able to discover new companies that we did not know about before. For example, nowadays Start-ups are very present on social networks and you could be a good candidate for them. Do not hesitate to send a short message or interact via this medium if you are interested in a company, they are probably looking for someone with your profile.

7. Build Relationships

Having social networks favors contact with other people and the creation of an important professional circle. For example, on LinkedIn one of your contacts may be looking for someone like you. Do not hesitate to use your network to promote yourself, place on your LinkedIn profile, for example, that you are looking for work and ask a contact about the possibility of new job opportunities. This person may not be in charge, but they will be able to direct you to the indicated contact.

8. Be visible

Interact, comment, debate on social networks, especially on business social networks or forums ; It will allow you to give your profile greater visibility and demonstrate what you know. This may interest a national or international recruiter who will contact you without any doubt.

9. Without borders

As they say, opportunities are where one least expects. Being present on social networks and using them correctly will perhaps allow you to get in touch with a recruiter in another part of the world to have new job opportunities internationally.

10. Essential element

Social networks have become an indispensable tool when looking for a job. This will not only help you promote yourself, but it will also make a difference in your profile as long as, as we have already said, they contain quality and filtered information.

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