Words of Farewell and Thanks

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Words of Farewell and Thanks
Words of Farewell and Thanks

Discover below some examples of words of farewell and thanks. Ideal for email or farewell letter to co-workers and company.

If you work for a company or project for several days, months or years but some circumstance arises for which you must leave your current place of activities and say goodbye to your colleagues. Do it with words of farewell and thanks.

Whether you have to retire for a better job opportunity, a new life project, a trip to another city or country, a family or health situation, or a retirement, it is a good idea to say goodbye through a letter or document where you can express your gratitude, so in this article we will give you some examples of words of farewell and thanks for work.

Examples of words of farewell and thanks

For a job

As you know, I recently submitted my letter of resignation due to a change of address and city that I must make soon for family reasons. Therefore, through this letter I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity given to me to work in this great company.

Here I built magnificent work and personal relationships, and where I also had the opportunity to expand my professional knowledge and witness the extensive and correct management discussed here. I wish many successes for the company and in the same way for you and your family and I reiterate my thanks for allowing me to be part of this great work experience that opened so many doors for me and brought me so many benefits during my stay here. Thank you so much for everything.


I hereby wish to express my gratitude for having given me the opportunity to perform my duties as [insert position] in this great and honorable company [insert company name]. The experience of having worked with you has enriched me enormously both professionally and personally. These «xxx days/xxxx months/xxx years», that I worked as xxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx area, I have been a participant and witness to the growth of the project.

This project has brought great benefits and advantages at a social, economic and business level and has contributed with a very positive impact achieving its objective. I must say goodbye now for xxxxxxx, however, and due to the pleasant experience with you, I would like to have the opportunity to accompany you again. I once again reiterate my most sincere thanks and wish you much success in all your endeavors.


I respectfully address you in order to thank you immensely for the opportunity to work in this great institution directed and led by you. As you know, I am close to retiring from the world of work, retiring and starting a new stage with my honorable family. These days I have had many mixed feelings, although I am aware that the time has come to retire and rest with my family.

It is not easy to leave behind my job and the great people with whom I shared during all these years of work in this place. However, I am also aware that the cycles must close and that new doors, opportunities and stages open, so I hope that the person who comes to occupy my position can perform in the best way and learn as much as I did. during all this time.

Not being more, I say goodbye to you with deep gratitude for having allowed me to work in such an honorable and prestigious institution to which I owe so much. I leave with the best memories. I wish you much success and prosperity.

3 ways to deliver your goodbye and thank you phrases

The farewell and thanks phrases serve to leave the doors open in a place, in addition to a positive image, and to sow good relationships that can enrich your personal and professional life.

  • You can use a letter, adding words of thanks and farewell with the intention of leaving a good precedent at the end of a project regardless of what it is, in order to continue sowing optimal relationships both professionally and personally.
  • You can choose to deliver this letter in a simple sheet and duly sealed, personally or by correspondence service, and even by electronic mail (email).
  • If this is the case, and the farewell is done through a commemoration or special meeting, you can read the letter out loud expressing your words on that occasion.

A letter with words of farewell and professional thanks serves to leave the doors open in a place, in addition to formalizing the closure of a cycle in a respectful manner.

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